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The true divine knowledge


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The true divine knowledge

The true knowledge is like fire that removes the mental impurity

The false knowledge is like water that removes external impurity

Gita says that the divine knowledge is like fire and burns ignorance

Which is turned into ash “Jnanaagnih”, when the tree is burnt


It cannot rise again from the ash, the previous messenger told

That Jesus will baptize by the fire, which means divine knowledge.

People pray the Lord and ask Him to grant a particular thing only

They do not give any freedom to the Lord since they feel themselves

As scholars and decide their own welfare and do not allow the Lord


Such people are the lowest category and will dip in the ocean of misery

The middle class devotees give partial freedom to the Lord by praying

That the Lord can give anything but that should be good to them

They gave freedom to the Lord to select any item from the list of

Good things, but He should not touch the list of the bad items.


The highest class of devotees pray the Lord that He should grant

Anything whether good or bad but it should please the Lord.


Jesus prayed in the last minutes before His arrest by the soldiers

That the will of the Lord should only happen, which means that

The will of the Lord always pleases the Lord and hence it should happen

Even if the will is the crucification, Jesus invited it and felt happy

Because the happiness of the Lord can alone be his happiness

Therefore Oh Mother! Pray the Lord to do whatever He pleases

If He is pleased in returning your son, let Him do so

If He is pleased in retaining your son, let Him also do the same

Then you will be considered as the top class devotee and

You will be granted His permanent place called as Brahmaloka


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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