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Bin Laden tried to kill Christians and Hindus in America


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Bin Laden tried to kill Christians and Hindus in America


You take a group of devotees having the common form of God like Krishna or Jesus. All of them get strongly united and all of them fear to harm any other devotee because their common God will punish them for the sin. A Christian will fear deeply to harm another Christian but will not care so much to harm a follower of other religion. The reason is that in harming another Christian, he is sure of the punishment from Jesus. But when he harms a person of other religion, he does not fear so much since he has no faith in that form of God of other religion. He believes only Jesus as the only absolute God.


Bin Laden tried to kill Christians and Hindus in America because he believes in Allah only as the God. For this basic reason only he never attempted to kill people in any Muslim country. I am not referring to anyone particularly. This is a common disease of all the ignorant people present in any religion. Suppose Laden believed in the Universal Spirituality and realized that Jesus and Krishna are also other forms of the same Allah, will he do such crime to the people of other religions? This question applies not only to Laden but also applies to all fanatic Ladens present in all religions.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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