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In order for the rich of DC to remain rich and get richer, those in power must maintain a permanent underclass in DC.


While the underclass in urban areas has been shrinking since the 1980s according to Professor Christopher Jencks and Professor Paul Peterson at Harvard University, it has not shrunk in DC. Rather, when some of the poor leave the area due to gentrification, they are being replaced by immigrants mainly from Africa and Central America, and their influx is encouraged by the DC Government who "hand in hand" with business sends a subtle message that it is okay to come to the USA and specifically DC as an illegal alien as the DC Government has a “We will not ask nor tell if you are an illegal alien” policy.


This illegal mentality by the DC Government is well known outside the USA, and its impact has affected mainly African Americans in DC by displacing the most vulnerable; namely, around 25,000 unskilled or poorly skilled laborers by the labor of illegal aliens.


The so called liberals (Democrats) quickly rationalize their shoving American born into (deeper) poverty with their phony sympathy for these illegal aliens, but do not show any sympathy for those they displaced, gentrified and whose lives and families they destroy all in the name of profit and building up their wealth all the more.


The (DC Government in harmony with business needs an permanent underclass), keep up the gentrification and keep those doors open for new, fresh and more illegal labor as this will keep wages down, help gentrify those they want to leave DC and all talk now-a-days of creating affordable housing and doing more for the underclass is just that .... talk which will not happen.

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