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Linda Jill Singer, nominee for DC Attorney General has answered her critics in a simplistic manner; namely, she thinks the only opposition to her is the fact that she is not a member of the DC Bar.


Wrong baby!


There are a good number of reasons that people oppose you.


First … After graduating from law school, you only practiced law in NYC for about eighteen (18) months and your performance was not stellar;


Second …Upon arriving in DC and for the last twelve (12) years, you in fact did not practice law before any court in the United States thus making your skills and knowledge as stale as a could be;


Third … You have no experience whatsoever in having a working command of the laws of the District of Columbia and/or the laws of the United States of America let alone the rules of civil or criminal procedures;


Fourth … You have no experience whatsoever in those areas of law that a DC attorney general would need to perform the job effectively;


Fifth … Your appointment by Mayor Elect Fenty is pure cronyism for the work you and your arrogant, loud mouth, con-artist husband Joe Sternlieb did in Ward 3 on his campaign; and


Sixth … You are a sleaze-ball to say the least, as you and your husband acting as agents for developers in DC ran the ward 3 campaign for Mary Cheh and were behind some of the most rotten attacks on all of Cheh’s challengers via your groups called Friends of Joe Sternlieb where there is a long trail of IP address links leading back to you and your husband in anonymous attacks on people who never did or said anything to you.


By no stretch of the imagination are you anywhere qualified to be the next attorney general of the District of Columbia, appointing you would make a mockery of our legal system, it would be a slap in the face of thousands of attorneys who have worked hard for the DC Government by putting years in and getting that working experience to one day be our attorney general. Your work at DC Appleseed is not an adequate substitute even if you think so!


No Mrs. Singer, you're a joke and an exemplification of how much of an idiot Adrian Fenty is that he would nominate such an unqualified person as you.

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