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Mayor elect Adrian Fenty has quickly learned that Greed Is Good!


When Adrian Fenty first ran for the ward 4 council seat he learned the meaning of how to lie to his campaign workers with promises of jobs and more for their help only to never keep those promises and making a few enemies in the process.


When Adrian Fenty decided to run for mayor of Washington, DC he knew the real money was not to be found among his fellow Democrats so he decides to sell his soul to Republicans, big business and turn his back on Democrats behind the scenes.


After winning the primary and general election for mayor, Adrian Fenty then moves on with his Grand Scam on the voters; namely, his lie that he wants to fix our schools, and leaving voters of DC clueless to the real reason he is going often to or in contact with people in New York City; namely, he wants to play a role in allowing out of state developers to cash in where he will be rewarded for it when he leaves office.


Nothing Adrian Fenty is now doing in wanting to fix our schools, arrange affordable housing and more is not taken on his part without careful fore-thought of how it will put money in his pocket down the road.


Indeed, Adrian Fenty is out for himself and he has learned that Greed Is Good, and the local media despite all its brain power is blind or intentionally so to it all.

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