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Nostradamus did not reveal the name of country and religion of the genius


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Nostradamus did not reveal the name of country and religion of the genius


Nostradamus did not say that the Genius will be the human incarnation because in such case every religion will claim the Genius to come from that religion only in the absence of Universal Spirituality. The inference of Genius is taken as the human incarnation of Hindu God Dattatreya from India (three seas and Thursday). This inference will be immediately opposed by the other religions and other countries because the Universal Spirituality was not established already before the coming of the Genius. Moreover, the human incarnation is generally opposed by majority of human beings. Due to all these factors, he did not reveal the name of the country and the religion and also did not mention the word “human incarnation”. Genius means only a messenger of God carrying on the wonderful knowledge of Universal Spirituality.


Dr. Nikhil stated that I am that Genius, since all the points regarding the knowledge exactly coincided like correlation of all religions into Universal Spirituality based on the correlation with science. Now, I have to escape from the possible crucification as feared by Mohammad. Therefore, I am submitting the following information in this context. The prophecy of Nostradamus was exactly correct and this present divine knowledge is the same predicted divine program. At the time of Nostradamus, God wanted to come directly as that Genius. But latter on God changed the program in just one small point, which does not affect the program in any way. Instead of directly coming to the earth as human incarnation called as Genius, God wanted to get the same program done through a most inefficient fellow like Me. This will show the omnipotence of God more clearly.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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