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Horoscope of Earth


Just now I received the article written by Dr. Nikhil from U.S.A. about the great Genius predicted by Nostradamus in his prophecy. I congratulate Nikhil for his exceptional talent of presentation of all the points clearly, precisely and directly. I am surprised and literally shocked to see that every point is matching with the present context. The present divine work of Universal Spirituality is exactly coinciding with the prophecy in every point. The prophecy is not based on the astrology, but it is based on the intuition given by the grace of God. The scripture “Bhavishya Puranam” of sage Vyasa was also such a divine prophecy.


Nostradamus was an astrologer and also was a great devotee of God. As an astrologer he was predicting the future of individuals based on their horoscopes because the individuals have the times of their births. But for the world, no horoscope can be prepared because no body knows the birth time of earth or world. Therefore, the prophecy of the world is always from God and can never go wrong unlike the prediction of the horoscope of an individual based on astrology. Therefore, the prophecy became exactly correct in every point. The merit in this prophecy is that all the signs of the Genius were fully related to the knowledge of the Genius and not the physical signs, which may exist in several human beings.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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