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Need we never lose sight of the fact that the real power in the District of Columbia is not the mayor or the city council but the United States Congress, big business and behind the scenes, the Italian Mafia which is stronger than ever despite claims by the government otherwise to calm nerves.


Sadly, the public perception of the Italian Mafia has been molded by movies like The Godfather, The Goodfellas or Honor Thy Father but in reality, the structure and way of the Italian Mafia is more honestly depicted on the TV show The Sopranos.


As we all know by our own local politics, our politicians in order to get elected quickly sell out their entire value system for the ability to get elected. They accept money from self-serving companies, organizations and individuals all who expect favors in return when a politician is elected.


There are exactly twenty six (26) Italian Mafia families throughout the United States and all of them are sub-families under the five (5) main families in New York City except the Philadelphia family and its sub-family in Baltimore.


The Italian Mafia started off as two (2) families in New York City that were run by

Giuseppe Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano until a fight between them known as the The Castellammarese War ushered in the many families throughout the United States and the strengthening of the Italian Mafia from coast to coast.


The history of the Italian Mafia is complex and I will not go into it but what I will go into is, they are here in DC but in a very subtle way, making money, influencing and see our local leaders as their whores.


If you have noticed as stated above, Adrian Fenty in order to get elected accepted money from Communists, Democrats, Greens, Republicans and Socialists. He has no loyalty to any one group or to the people of DC but only to his desire to have won at all costs.


In other words, Adrian Fenty is not a man of honor but a political whore at the beck and call of anyone with a check in hand.


It is weak minded politicians like Fenty who can be bribed, intimidated and manipulated by those who paved his way into the mayor’s office at the John Wilson Building and have all of his subordinates look the other way, fix tickets, ignore violations and down the line.


The Fenty style of politicking is that which will encourage criminality on various levels and possibly more so than already exists and when voters vote for politicians they know have been backed by questionable types, then they are condoning what is going to take place and have no right later on to complain about the dishonest things a politician has done as they made it possible for it to happen.

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