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I can't say that I'm Republican, but I can sure as hell say I'm not a weak flowered up the butt liberal. If you want to see more 9/11s happen, support John Kerry. I'm sure that he will do everything in his power to weaken our country. With him in office our personal rights as Americans to bear arms would be in danger. What liberals don't understand is that if the 2nd Amendment of the United States is taken away, the only thing it will accomplish is making the criminals stronger, and law abiding citizens weaker. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.



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Guest Kerry Supporter

Since March, George Bush has aired $83 million worth of television ads attacking John Kerry's character and credibility. So why does today's ABC News/Washington Post poll show John Kerry eight points ahead of George Bush?


Because while George Bush ran his smear campaign, we were able to run powerful ads of our own -- a positive campaign about making America stronger.

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