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Unknown to most voters, there are a hand full of New York developers who want to buy up the land some of our designated schools to be closed sit on, so they can build more condos and commercial concerns on such lands.


The voters of DC are clueless to the real reason mayor elect Adrian Fenty is going often to New York City for as he is using our school problems as a guise for what he is really up to; namely, he wants to play a role in allowing out of state developers to cash in where he will be rewarded for it when he leaves office.


Joe Sternlieb and his wife Linda Singer (nominee for Attorney General) are the point people between Fenty and developers, and that is why Linda Singer an absentee lawyer from the profession for twelve years gets the nod for attorney general - it is called political kick-back. In other words, Linda Singer gets a $600,000.00 kick back over the next four years in a form of a pay check. Sternlieb's sudden employment with EastBanc was not an accident but all by design via EastBanc and others looking to capitalize over controlling Fenty.


It is this corrupt and under handedness by Fenty & Company why Fenty should not be allowed to take control of our schools, as a failure by him to succeed in this goal will see 90% of his backers abandoning him.

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