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Without going into great details on the subject matter of what Smart Growth is and/or Transit Oriented Smart Growth, it is in simple terms building more housing around Metro Stations/Stops to encourage people to utilize mass transit over using their cars to get around for work or shopping with a wide variety of so called benefits to be derrived thereof.


This issue was a bigger issue in the ward 3 city council race than in any of the other city council races.


A transit oriented smart growth approach to ward 3 would not work because of so many external factors(The 215,000 commuters from Maryland and Virginia who live nowhere near a subway station nor find the subway convenient to enter into the District each day for work by car and etcetera) that we would have no control over, and without control over those factors, the benefits that Trans Oriented Smart Growth offers would not be obtainable, but the opposite would take place. The only people who support Transit Oriented Smart Growth are greedy developers who already know it will not benefit DC or ward 3 but are putting profits before people.

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