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The District of Columbia’s government and people are unique in comparison to other major cities.


DC is a city that is made up primarily of B-rated people in the legal and legislative fields (Lawyers have the highest rate of business failure of any profession in the USA.) with the best in these fields in Chicago, New York or elsewhere.


DC has no industry.


DC unlike other major cities does not have a “business brain bank” consisting of skilled economists, financiers, marketers or others in the business field to tap in to, but just those who would be considered mediocre at best. This is so, because advance skills in business are not required nor sought as it is in a city with a variety of industry.


DC has never been a city known for attracting neither “business minds” nor offering respectable compensation for such minds, and thus the best go elsewhere leaving DC with mediocrity.


This lack of a “business brain bank” is one of the underlying reasons why the DC Government often stumbles economically, in management of its total resources, it poor response to taxpayer needs or its often idiotic acts.


Mayor elect Fenty sadly is exemplifying this lack of a business savvy or true managerial skills when he chooses to appoint people to positions of importance knowing they lack the educational and/or vocational experiences needed for the specific job: E.G. Stephanie D. Scott-Melnyk for Secretary of the District; Linda Singer for Attorney General; and etcetera that other cities would require before approving such appointments.


Many come each week to DC Watch and posts our concerns on The Mail, but too often, our concerns are presented in a superficial manner, we do not delve into the causes of the problems we identify and thus when our elected leaders who read The Mail and see what we are saying, they only see that we have complained but have not identified the cause nor offered any intelligent or informed solution that they might be able to act upon.


As long as DC is run by “business challenged lawyers” who live in the world of “hypothetical” at cocktail parties, and political science buffs with a diploma hanging outside a Starbucks instead of by great business minds, DC will never grow, and will remain the butt of jokes in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and New York and rely as it always has on tax revenues earned off employees in the public sector to maintain what little it has.

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