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For every dollar you contribute to a non-profit organization in DC to help the homeless and poor, only twenty cents at best ever goes to helping the homeless and the poor with the other eighty cents going for exuberant staffing salaries, rents and things like conferences, award dinners and other matters that have no impact upon the lives of the homeless and poor.


In the spirit of the upcoming holidays of Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza, I think the DC Government should take a closer look at our non-profit organizations that serve the needs of the elderly, homeless and poor from the standpoint of possibly passing legislation requiring that they have to spend a certain percentage of their income directly on those they say they serve.


As a person who volunteers often at local non-profit organizations helping the elderly, homeless and poor, I always felt that this was something all of us who have been blessed with a good life should do and never expect “anything” for it.


As a person, when my wife writes a check each month to support our place of worship, I have never reported such to the IRS or DC Tax & Revenue for purposes of seeking any offset on our tax obligations as I see that as an insult to GOD and liking to giving a gift and then asking for it back.


I have heard the arguments that unless we pay good salaries to those who want to work in the non-profit industry then few would want to work there, and unless there is some kind of offset on taxes, then people will cut back on their giving. While this has proven true, doesn’t this show a degree of phoniness on the part of those who claim we care?


Almost every major religion advocates directly and via scriptures that when we give to those less fortunate then it should be done humbly from the heart and we should not expect to receiving anything back for such works.


I think by law that the DC Government should clamp down and set guidelines that must be met in spending in order for many of our non-profit groups to maintain their non-profit status and require that at least 50% of their income go to help those they say they are serving!

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