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It appears that the reason why Adrian Fenty has been appointing poorly qualified people to head up his government is the result that better qualified people for each respective position have been turning Fenty down left and right for a variety of good reasons.


One of the biggest reasons given is, most feel that Fenty is doomed to be a major disaster as mayor and these former and possible appointees do not want to become a part of a failed administration.


Maybe this puts a better prospective upon why many of Fenty’s announced appointees seem to be so unqualified.


Yet, to put a face on this matter, I think many of us recall how Fenty stated long ago that he was going to get rid of Ramsey and replace him with Richard J. Pennington which was no secret. Sadly, Peddington turned Fenty down as did others leaving him to make a mad dash for Cathy Lanier.


The Washington Post on Wednesday, November 22, 2006; Page A01 quoted Tom Blagburn, a 23-year police official and member of Fenty's transition team on public safety, said Lanier "wasn't even on the radar screen.” There must have been a lot of thought and deliberation" on Fenty's part, Blagburn said. But, he added, "anytime you make a major selection like that, you have to engage people. . . . It's very tough if you're mayor to make a decision without anyone else knowing about it."


The reason Lanier was not on the radar screen was because Fenty was waiting for a final YES or NO from Pennington and two other possibilities and when he got a big NO from them, he scrambled and hastily chose Lanier.


As a matter of fact, most of Fenty’s appointments were made in such a hap hazard way after being turned down left and right.


The foregoing should scare the dickens out of people because I have never seen such a cast of appointees (Singer, Reinoso, Lanier, Scott-Melnyk, etc) so poorly qualified to run DC Government.

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