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Every night when I go to bed, I pray to God for a crash in the DC housing market or in the alternative, that housing prices drop 20%.


Now some would ask, why would God entertain such a prayer? Because it would be contrary to the hidden agenda of the Fenty Administration to continue if not accelerate gentrification in DC!


My motivation for wanting a crash or a drop in housing values would stop the wheels of GENTRIFICATION as the cost of housing is the number one tool used in gentrification.


Sure a 20% drop in housing cost would hit the DC Government hard in the pocketbook, but if they have to eliminate some of those lazy $100k a year employees or implement a wage freeze and/or cut in pay, then it will all be done in the name of ending and/or reversing gentrification.


Think of it, people would start moving out and into housing that cost less, landlords with vacant apartments would have to start dropping their rental rates and it would all start spiraling down to a point where low income earners could once again afford to live in the District.


Even members of MPD who say they cannot afford to live in DC would finally be able to.


I am really feeling the spirit of the holidays and maybe this year, Santa Claus will bring me a “Housing Deflation Device” to offset the hidden Fenty agenda!

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