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Lord also behaves to attract sinners


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Lord also behaves to attract sinners


If you realize that the entire responsibility of sin is only on the mind, there will be hardly any person left over in this world, who is not a sinner. When Jesus asked the people to punish the prostitute in case they have not committed any sin, all went back because if anybody comes forward with hypocrisy, Jesus will reveal the sins of such person. You can fool another human being by your hypocrisy but not God.


Any amount of effort cannot eradicate the sinful nature but can control it. Therefore, the effort is certainly appreciable but no body can claim that the nature is completely destroyed. Even the unimaginable torture cannot do it and the soul returns to the earth with reduced nature (Karma Sesha) only. In the spiritual path, fooling others has no use because it becomes fooling yourself. Therefore, you should not criticize the sin of any other soul since any soul is in such state of inevitable sin only at least in the mental plane.


Only the sinless God can criticize any soul. But God comes down to uplift the souls from the sins. First He advised to get rid of sins and reach Him. A few could succeed and when they became proud, God showed the inherent sin hiding in them! Every soul is made of the three qualities (Good Sattvam and bad Rajas and Tamas). Good quality may predominate and the bad qualities may exist as invisible traces of impurities. Any single quality of these three cannot exist in isolated way.


When the human being boasts that he is completely good, the boasting itself is a bad quality (Rajas)! In some or other time, Rajas and Tamas predominate even in the case of top most devotees. Therefore, diverting the bad quality also towards God is the best and is the really expected way also. Any quality diverted to God is good and any quality diverted to worldly bonds with selfishness is bad.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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