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I think many out there who keep up with the various postings here on TheMail and other message board and blogs have come to realize that the people of my ward, ward 3 are extremely politically active.


The people of ward 3 are the best educated people in the city but a careful analysis of them will show that while they are very smart in that area they got their degree in, they dumber than a bag of hammers on most other subject matters, and this is reflected in their postings and lack of understanding of issues and rarely offer of any good solutions. Furthermore, they are quick to become offended by anyone who dares to disagree with them and that is not good when there is a need to fix things.


Mayor elect Fenty has been tapping in this Brain Trust of Ward 3 believing that if he listens to the learned people of ward 3, then he cannot go wrong.


So far, Mr. Fenty has put most of his Easter eggs in one basket and has ignore other eggs (people of wards 4,5,6,7 and 8) who have not contributed to his transition team and so much more.


In my travels throughout this city, I have found that when talking to people over in the lower NW, NE, SE and SW sides of town, they are more down to earth, more reasonable and more open-minded on issues but up here in ward 3, it is very hard to get a consensus because people here just have it very hard to get along with each other and everybody is a general and you cannot find any foot soldiers.


I make an issue of the people of ward 3 because we need to look at who is really advising Mr. Fenty behind the scenes and this can explain to some degree why Mr. Fenty is doing what he is doing, and it can give us insight as to possibly what he will come with.


Mr. Fenty is being advised by some very narrow minded, selfish and somewhat bigoted minded people, and this is why you have seen so far very few minorities being appointed by Mr. Fenty and people over the age of 50.


Where else in America would you see a mayor elect nominate someone for attorney general who has been out to lunch for the past ten years in the legal profession, nominate someone to head a department of education who has been smack dab in the middle of the problems or want to terminate a chief of police who has been one of our better chiefs?


Mr. Fenty says that he wants to do things for the good of all Washingtonians but I disagree. Mr. Fenty represents the politics of greed, the politics of racism, the politics of hate for older people and his own actions to date support this.

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