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While our school buildings do in fact need to be repaired or new schools built in their place, the problem with our students is not the teachers but with the students themselves, and with their parents who do not show as much interest in their education as my and your parents did. This is a subject for another day.


Recently, mayor Elect Adrian Fenty appointed Victor A. Reinsos, who is already a member of our failed school board to head up our soon to be DC Dept. of Education. Excuse me, but picking a loser from a group who has failed us, by turning things around doesn’t make sense to me!


Victor A. Reinoso claim to shame on our DC Board of Education is http://www.k12.dc.us/dcps/boe/boebios.html#Reinoso but more often than one might realize, he has been accused of over inflating his Resume and what work he has really done, especially at Federal City Council which has been made an issue on TheMail, the Washington City Paper and elsewhere.


Mr. Reinoso will only have a real job if the US Congress decides to allow a mayoral take over in whole or in part of our public schools which I hope they are wise enough not to do as there was good reason why the US Congress wanted to keep our schools out of the hands of our public leaders.


This appointment of Mr. Reinoso is about as idiotic as Mr. Fenty’s appointment of an inactive lawyer for ten (10) years (Linda J. Singer), to be our next attorney general. Linda J. Singer is not even a member of the DC Bar or after being in DC 10 plus years chose to be a member or would have applied for such membership if Mr. Fenty was not about to nominate her.


Mr. Fenty is starting to show all of us that he does not care about the experience or quality of the people he is appointing, but rather, he is showing us that he is engaging in massive cronyism by appointing people who worked on his political campaign with little or no regard for their actual skills or abilities to carry out the job ahead of them.

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