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On November 12, 2006, Gary Imhoff as it concerns our public schools writes: “As I’ve written before, I haven’t been given any reason to trust either his (Fenty) or Bobb’s motives in wanting to take control of the school budget, buildings, property, assets, and construction fund and, incidentally, the education of our children, so for now I’m just happy that they’re fighting rather than cooperating to divide up the spoils.”


On October 29, 2006, in “TheMail”, I wrote: “I believe that there will be an ugly tug of war between the Board of Education and our next mayor, most likely Adrian Fenty. I believe that the Board of Education will resist vehemently a takeover, will argue that a mayoral takeover is not needed, and that the plan presented for a takeover is flawed. They will rely on recent reports by the New York Times that say that mayoral takeover of schools nationwide have not proven to be a success anywhere, and that even NY state is talking about seizing control of the NYC schools back from Mayor Bloomberg. I believe that Adrian Fenty, when all is said and done, will be a bigger failure as mayor than Sharon Pratt Kelly was. His early-on fights with the council and others will water down his efforts to take over our schools by members on the council. Vincent Gray, who so much wants to be our next mayor; Kwame Brown, etc., will not want to see Fenty succeed. Special interest groups who do not like Fenty will jump in to help trip him, and he will not get the respect he wants from outside DC to make certain things happen. I believe Fenty will fail in his efforts to make our schools better, that two years from now we will all regret having voted for him, and that Vincent Gray and Jack Evans will come up with plans to better our schools without a mayoral and/or council takeover.”


For now, our schools are in the hands of president elect Robert Bobb until Fenty and/or Gray gets the U.S. Congress to agree to amend the DC Home Rule Act allowing them any control or a voice.

Fenty seized upon an emotional issue for voters without a plan, just like Bush has no plan to get us out of Iraq! I have no confidence in most anything Adrian Fenty says he is going to do, as he is all image without any real substance and the voters failed to see that before they elected him but they will when November 2010 comes around.


Until Fenty and/or Gray get the U.S. Congress to amend our Home Rule Act, we do not have to worry too much about any power plays, upstaging, back-stabbing or the like.

I believe that Robert Bobb will do just fine and a lot better at fixing our schools than Fenty could ever do in his wildest dreams.

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