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By: Jonathan R. Rees


Dennis Moore, a write-in candidate for mayor has touched upon a point that should send a message to our DC Government officials and that is, 66% of all possible voters have sat out the primaries and general elections for the past twelve years.


This means, nobody won by a majority of voters, nobody had a mandate but if anything, everybody who got elected, got a vote of NO CONFIDENCE by 66% of the people who could have voted but chose not to!


While Mr. Moore gives many reasons why there is a lack of interest in our local political process, I think the real reason is a lot more complicated.


Mr. Moore thinks the problem is as he states: “It should be no surprise that our rising discontent has less to do with party politics, economic status, ethnic group, ward issue, or unresolved community complaints ignored by District officials. Our discontent is deeply rooted in the serious lack of real accountability, genuine respect and effective action on the actual common needs of everyday DC residents. This discontent can be eliminated by a mayor with the genuine will, innovative leadership, and a real action plan to aggressively and always act in the best interest of District citizens first,” but I believe that those 66% he refers to sees the Government of the District of Columbia as being a joke, caretakers for Congress and put in power by special interest groups not by John Q. Public.


Call me Chicken Little but I still believe that Adrian Fenty will give voters new reasons to distrust DC Government, not to want to vote and see DC Government as a joke all the more.


We have tried to make things better in DC for the past twenty (20) years, get people back to the voting booth and nothing has worked, and more and more people are staying away.


It is time to scrap DC Government as we know it, give control of DC back to Congress and let all agencies and their employees fall under the federal system which would stop a lot of what people complain about, make local officials more accountable and abolish DC income taxes!


By doing the foregoing, you will see major business investments in DC take place, a major influx of residents because of no local income taxes and life in DC will be what we have been crying for.


Abolish DC Government, give back control to Congress and you will see DC have a major economic, business and residential renaissance unmatched in history.


Repairing DC Government as we know it is what is hurting all forms of growth and it is time to put this sick dog to sleep!

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