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this sunday we play the Colts


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This Sunday the Redskins play the Colts and I hope we win too. I am ready for the Redskins and I am going to watch it with Doug at his house and have lots of fun and I am a die-hard Redskins fan and I will always be a Redskins fan for life. I like the Washington Redskins very much and I also love the Washington Redskins cheerleaders too. Go! Redskins!

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When I am down on the Redskins I see your die hard enthusiasm for the team. But, unfortunetely I am getting sick of Snyder's marketing hype. But the hard facts are this: The Colts have the NFL's fourth-ranked offense and its healthy; the Redskins (2-4) have the NFL's 21st-ranked defense and it is not healthy.


At this point Andre Carter is not playing like a $30 million Morris Trophy winner. Through six games, Carter has two sacks. One of those was courtesy of Greg Williams' scheme. Every team seems to run right through him. At most he should be grade as a third down pass rushing specialist.


Furthermore, Carlos Rogers is out with a broken thumb. Not that it matters. The ninth overall pick in the 2005 draft is a complete bust. All Rogers is good is following receivers into the end zone. Shawn Springs is not healthy. Don't expect the Redskins new acquisition Troy Vincent to save the day. The 15-year veteran and a five-time Pro Bowler has worked with secondary coach Jerry Gray in Buffalo. But, has little understanding of Greg William's defensive playbook. Look for Peyton Manning to have a stellar day.


I personally blame Al Saunders for losing the game last week. We were up 14 - 3 against the Titans. The old Redskins would use Clinton Portis to run out the clock. Instead we screen passes from Mark Brunell. Either he can no longer throw the long ball accurately or Redskins coaching staff stinks. What happenned to the old Redskins Smashmouth football? Al Saunders can make all the excuses he wants about getting to know his players capabilities, but should he not have known all this by the end of preseason.


Lord Cooke would have told Gibbs by now that Al Saunders is not Redskins material. Lord Cooke would say "Coach, what do we need Saunders for? You know the offense.... RUN IT!!!"


But in Danny 'Boy Toy' Snyder's world it more like "Gee coach, I mean sir... what do you think is wrong??? My new buddy Tommy says our team sucks!!! Our team has to get better or I am going to lose money funding this new movie deal.


You know what... I may go for a hike this weekend. Strike that --- fall colors are burgandy and gold.

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