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If voters have been paying attention, none of the former eight (8) ward 3 candidates are supporting Mary Cheh in the upcoming general election on November 7, 2006.




During the Ward 3 DC City Council race, many Ward 3 voters were concerned about Mary Cheh's ability to detach herself from her employer George Washington University, and everyone from WTOP radio and voters made strong issue of this in light of the fact that Mary Cheh ultimately sold her soul to developers like Akridge, East Banc and PN Hoffman.




Early on in the Ward 3 race, someone started cranking out attacks on Mary Cheh using GWU stationary and mailing it out to at least 10,000 voters per pop.




One such letter was directed to news reporter Tom Sherwood of NBC4 TV in Washington, DC.




While it was intentionally written poorly to mislead, it was none the less actually written by a disgruntled, rival professor at GWU who was never keen about Mary Cheh!




It turns out that GWU most definitely wanted one of their own on the DC City Council, it was considering several of their professors, but settled on Mary Cheh because of her friendship with Council Member Kathy Patterson. This decision to bypass others for Cheh stirred up resentment.




Initially, Mary Cheh thought these attacks on her were coming from a rival candidate but they were not, but in fact were written inside GWU Law School, done on official not reproduced GWU Law School stationary and mailed out in official GWU Law School envelopes using one of the GWU's mailroom postal meter machines.




Yet this rival professor was not alone. There were other disgruntled GWU professors but you have to step outside the walls of GWU to know why, but I can sum it up as being a war between rival developers who were supporting different Ward 3 candidates.




The plot is much thicker and dirtier than voters can comprehend.




The bottom line is, Akridge, East Banc and PN Hoffman via their agents spent money, time and labor to pick the Ward 3 candidate they felt they could easily manipulate. They created a organization called Friends of Joe Sternlieb to handle the search for their puppet, interviewed all of the candidates and concluded, Mary Cheh was the most hungry to win and most likely to do their bidding, and thus Joe Sternlieb advised all they should back Mary Cheh. This is what triggered the anger.




Subsequently thereafter, Mary Cheh’s supporters took to the internet to begin a campaign of bashing all of her rivals where Joe Sternlieb under various aliases (Joe_Kerr_DC, Joe Deluth and others), his wife Linda Singer under the aliases of DC_Jendesign and others, and Cheh’s campaign manager Anne-Marie Baristow using the alias Joycemarie20008 and others started bashing Cathy Wiss, Paul Strauss, Bill Rice and Robert Gordon whereby most of these alias attacks were all linked back to Mary Cheh’s campaign headquarters inside the PN Hoffman Building and the PN Hoffman server and to the server over at East Banc. When this was made an issue, all of Mary Cheh’s people moved quickly to delete the evidence but not fast enough for people to get a Google snap-shot of their bad behavior.




The foregoing is 100% factual, the other candidates know how it all went down and the public's fear that Mary Cheh is in the pockets of GWU and other developers was on the dime.




So if people are wondering why the other eight (8) ward 3 candidate have not come out in support of Mary Cheh or asked their supporters to vote for her on November 7, 2006, then maybe it is because Mary Cheh sold her soul to The Devil and only cared about winning no matter who she and her people wrongfully offended with their actions.




This is why I am one Democrat who will jump party lines on November 7 and vote for Republican Theresa Conroy because Mary Cheh lied to me, lied to the voters and allowed her supporters to launch attacks on her rivals and each one of them know the Cheh backers who were doing this to them.


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