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Surviving Breast Cancer

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If you have loved ones or friends that have survived breast cancer, it’s time for celebration. Your friend or loved one has been through a very stressful time and lots of procedures. And no matter which procedure they had, they must be emotionally and physically drained.


It’s time to let them know you are celebrating with them and will do whatever it takes to make them feel whole again.


One of the best gifts you can offer is the gift of yourself: be there for then when they are happy and energetic, as well as when they feel tired and lonely.


Here are a few ideas for those times full of optimism and stamina:


- go together for a shopping trip, and buy a little something that will make your friend feel beautiful

- have a cup of coffee together at a coffee shop, away from home

- take walk in the park to enjoy nature again: a cool breeze of fresh air, the nice colors of fall, and even the kids playing on the swing sets


For those days when your friend is tired and doesn't feel like doing much, give her one of the following gifts:


- a nice book to read

- a music CD/DVD

- a journal, so she can jot down her feelings

- a spa gift certificate: getting a massage not only feels good, but it helps the mind and body to concentrate on healing and reduces stress. If you can, give her the gift of a monthly massage that will rejuvenate her month after month.


And don’t forget to give yourself a gift too: the gift of health. Make sure you take care of your own body, by living a healthy life, resting and eating nourishing food. And get a mammogram this year: be pro-active!


Don't forget to remind all your friends about the importance of monthly breast self-exams.

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