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Hello Beautiful People:


What better way to relax in tranquil moments than to pamper yourself with natural bath and body products.


I'm a Consultant for NYRAJU - The Art of Body Pampering


NYRAJU is a natural bath and body products company based out of Decatur, Georgia.


Our Products


- Moisturizing Creams

- Hair Care Products - new tropical butter now available, great for loc maintenance!

- Body Butter Scrubs - Candles

- Massage Oils - Bath Salts

- Body Oils - Body Spray Mist

- Body Washes - Roll-on Fragrances


All products are available in six (6) scents:


- Honey - Pineapple Cocunut

- Lemon Spice - Romantic Moments

- Leah - Sensual (my personal favorite)



** Gift Sets Are Available ** - Guys don't forget about your mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, wives, girlfriends and friends.



Log onto www.nyraju.com/tia to find out more information and to place your order today

and begin your body pampering experience today because you deserve it.

You may also find me on MySpace at www.myspace.com/nyraju_4u


I have samples of products for those who are interested.


Ask me about how to host a "Pamper Me Spa Event" and how to become a NYRAJU Consultant




Thank you in advance for your support and I wish you all

Peace & Blessings,



NYRAJU Consultant

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