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God do not get modified into human body when He comes in Human form


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God do not get modified into human body when He comes in Human form

I know that you are worried that the Lord perhaps gets modified into the human body and thus the unchangeable Lord undergoes a change. Do not worry about this point, because the Lord is never modified into the human body. He only enters into the human body. The word ‘Ashritam’ in the verse of the Gita “Manushim tanumashritam” means the entry of the Lord into the human body and not the modification of the Lord into a human body. This is clarified by Lord Krishna in the Gita in the verse “Avyaktam Vyaktimapannam”.


When a person says that he was sent by God as a messenger and that He has brought the message of the Lord, again the same problem appears. When God is giving the message to that person, nobody has seen it. That person is the single witness. Now the only alternative left in order to believe that the knowledge was given by the Lord Himself, is that we have to test the knowledge. Had we seen the transfer of the knowledge from God to that person with our eyes, we need not have tested that knowledge. It must definitely have been the divine knowledge. If we have to believe a statement of that person without the simultaneous universal perception, then we have to believe even a fraud person who utters the same statement.


If you give us a piece of metal and say that is gold, since it was given by God, we cannot believe it. Either we must have seen God giving it to you or we must analyse the metal. Moreover the knowledge is not like the piece of metal, which will not change by transfer. When a teacher explains a concept to somebody and asks him to deliver it to his students, it cannot be transferred as it is. The transfer of knowledge consists of not only the concept but also the explanation. The concept might have been transferred but nobody other than that original teacher can give the same way of explanation of the concept by which the concept pierces into the heart. Therefore to propagate the divine knowledge, the Lord Himself comes down in a human form. Arjuna said the same in the Gita “Tvadanyah…” which means that except the Lord, nobody can preach the divine knowledge and clarify all spiritual doubts.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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