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Tomomasa Nagano

June 7, 2004


“There are 1.5 million mobile phones in the world today.” I bet you have one! Your cellular with speaker set is already a part of your life, isn’t it? We are addicted to nifty handhelds such as cell phone, smart phone, Palm, Black Berry, Note book with wireless modem, etc. Those wireless technologies are burgeoning and will bring us more convenient wireless life. Can’t you live without checking emails? I can’t. In addition, the Internet is connecting the world, and Internet access is a must commodity of daily life.


Today, we can check emails and access to the Net through your handhelds. To satisfy the needs of people, mobile carriers provide wide varieties of Internet access. For example, on mobile phones, a major wireless service is that if you pay like $ 15 per month, you get unlimited time access to the Net. You can browse various wireless web contents as long as you want without worrying bill. Those content providers charge you based on the amount data you download. Besides, there are many cyber cafes in the downtown of Washington, DC where you can enjoy chatting with your buddies on the Net. You can also find Hotspot zones even at Starbucks, Cosi, and other local cafes where you can bring your laptop and connect to high- speed wireless network system with about $ 6.


Even though, we, metropolitan enjoy the benefit of wireless gadgets, we WANT MORE! Much faster, cheaper, and more convenient services and interesting contents on our tiny wireless handsets. For tons of international tourists from all over the world, we can provide more attentive services, such as mobile rental service in short periods like one, three, six months.


DCpages.com cooperates with internet cafes and cellular rental shops to sell good deal services for international new comer. DCpages.com can also think about work in advertisement/ marketing campaigns with small retailers where you can get cell phones and other wireless devices, like Kiosks at the three international airports, Union station, shopping malls, etc. We might start a wagon/ van/ cart to rent those things in short term.


As for mobile Internet content, DCpages.com can collaborate with content providers to create new services. Featuring DC events, and providing event’s invitation/ tickets through emails (email marketing). It is convenient if you can buy several types of lotteries and check winning numbers. We also have to think about new marketing tool, Net Movie. By creating Net Movies on the Net or cellular, DCpages.com can promote our clients’ products/ services and also hold short movie festivals cooperating with not only with big companies but also local film producers.

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