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Guest Arthur H. Jackson Jr.

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Guest Arthur H. Jackson Jr.

Did you Know the D.C. Democratic State Committee refused to pass a resolution on Opposing Mayor Williams Health Care Plan, which called for closing D.C. General Hospital? However the Pro Bush D.C. Republican Party and StateHood Green Party's voted to oppose the plan, which has hurt the core supporters of the Democratic Party, low and fixed income D.C. Residents.


The present D.C. Democratic State Committee is controlled By Traveling Tony Williams and his wealthy developers and financial backers. The People of D.C. must take back, the people's party.


Mayor Williams, has become a poster man for conservative republican policies and issues. And the State Committee, with the exception of the Ward 8 Delegation and other progressive, non government members has not addressed Education and our Schools, Health Care and funding a full service medical center, affordable prescription drugs for our seniors or the real estate push out of fixed income whites,african americans and hispanics of all incomes to P.G. County, Maryland.


We the People must support a new team of progressive democrats, not funded by Kstreet Lobbyist and special interest , and not serving as tokens and flunkies for Mayor Tony " Traveling" Williams and his conservative right wing administration.


If you are a activist, small businessperson or just a citizen ready to roll your selves up, and work this fall to not only defeat George Bush, but also to " Take Back our Democratic Party". Email me today.


Arthur H. Jackson Jr.

Acting Chairman

New Democratic Alliance of D.C. (THINKTANK)

People over Politics 2004.

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