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Today, the trash cans in the mailrooms of a lot of apartment buildings are filled up with campaign literature from Kathy Patterson, Paul Strauss (2 mailings), Mary Cheh and Robert Gordon according to my point people in 60 of such buildings.


It seems, voters are annoyed with all these mailings and are trashing them without even opening them up.


Robert Gordon’s mailer was the best done one, and Mary Cheh’s is the worst as there was no picture of her on it and you would have to look hard to see it was from her campaign. Furthermore, most members of the DCFD do not live in DC and ditto for most of the membership of the Sierra Club.


Paul Strauss’ letter wants everyone to believe that he is being supported by tenants and tenant groups despite the fact TENAC endorsed Bill Rice.



Yet, Kathy Patterson’ joint-mailer has her teaming up with A. Scott Bolden over her old friend Phil Mendelson!

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