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FreedomWorks Rolls Out Fall Campaign Battle Plan

Guest Adam Brandon

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Guest Adam Brandon

FreedomWorks is getting ready for the critical 2006 mid-term elections by mobilizing its grassroots network for the election season. With control of Congress hanging in the balance, our activists and field leaders have identified several competitive races, and we will support their efforts with a $4 million campaign budget.


During this election cycle, FreedomWorks will educate and mobilize likely voters on where candidates stand on crucial economic issues and provide voters with in-depth information on problems facing our country, such as retirement security, out of control government spending and a ridiculous and overly- cumbersome tax code. The FreedomWorks GOTV campaign employs old fashioned "shoe leather" politics with a standing army of almost a million experienced political volunteers who are leading election year activities, including events with candidates, phone banking and GOTV calls, canvassing neighborhoods with literature and calling into local radio talk shows. To further support our on-the-ground activities, FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey will be traveling to selected districts/states.


Key races where FreedomWorks plans grassroots activity include:


-- California House District 50: Brian Bilbray vs. Francine Busby


-- Colorado House District 7: Rick O'Donnell vs. Edwin Perlmutter


-- Colorado House District 5: Doug Lamborn vs. Jay Fawcett


-- Florida House District 24: Tom Feeney vs. Clint Curtis/Andy Michaud


-- Florida House District 22: Clay Shaw vs. Ron Klein


-- Iowa House District 1: Mike Whalen vs. Bruce Braley


-- Michigan Senate: Mike Bouchard vs. Debbi Stabenow


-- Nebraska Senate: Pete Ricketts vs. Ben Nelson


-- North Carolina House District 8: Robin Hayes vs. Larry Kissell


-- North Carolina House District 11: Charles Taylor vs. Heath Shuler


-- Oregon House District 1: Derrick Kitts vs. David Wu


-- South Carolina House District 5: Ralph Norman vs. John Spratt


-- Vermont House District 1: Mark Shepard vs. Peter Welch


-- Washington Senate: Mike McGavick vs. Maria Cantwell


-- Washington House District 3: Michael Messmore vs. Brian Baird


-- Wisconsin House District 8: John Gard vs. Steven Kagen/Nancy Nusbaum


FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey commented, "Politics goes to those who show up. We will be showing up to educate the public about the Freedom Agenda, and to encourage an election season where candidates put serious policy ahead of politics."


FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe continued, "It is no secret that left wing powerhouses like Americans United and MoveOn.org will be active over the coming months promoting a big-government, high tax agenda. In key races we will answer with our grassroots army and limited government message."

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