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  1. Cupid enjoys talking in the third person, omniscient point of view.
  2. Another good movie is "Love and Other Drugs" with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway; It's a fairly decent dramatic comedy, or "dramedy" (sorry), and neither co-star seems to have a problem with spending more than half the movie unclothed. I absolutely love the title of this film, but it can drag on at times, so for that reason I'll give it one thumb up.
  3. Cupid thinks the Kardashians are famous for no apparent reason other than their looks. While 2/3 are attractive, they possess no real talents as far as Cupid can see. Their step-father, Bruce Jenner, is an American Olympic decathlete, but that's about it ... maybe you could tell me more about them? The American public's obsession with the Kardashians fascinates Cupid.
  4. It's been critically acclaimed and although the two stars' (Ryan Gossling and Michelle Williams) performances were, at times, "difficult to watch," their depth of character(s) made it worth the while. As an interesting side note, the screenplay was written by three people rather than the usual one -Cupid
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