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  1. Dear Parents, I am seeking families currently in the pre-adoption phase who expect to adopt an older (at least five- years-old) child or children from a Russian-speaking region in the next few months to participate in a six-month study of second language learning. This research will focus on how older internationally adopted children learn English both at home in interaction with family members and at school. Participation in the study will require that parents audio-record family conversations on a weekly basis and that the researcher conducts classroom observations and recordings of the child(ren) at school each week. Monthly interviews and other documentation (such as a language log) will also be required. Specific details about the requirements of the study may be obtained by contacting me at the email address below. I will send you the details of participation and a preliminary questionnaire to determine eligibility. I am a doctoral candidate in the Linguistics program at Georgetown University. My CV is also available upon request. Please contact Lyn at Erw2@georgetown.edu if you are interested. Thanks!
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