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    Washington, DC "Chocolate City Baby"
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    My main intrest is music. I write, produce and sing my own creations. IF you would like to hear a bit just click on the link...or copy and past it to your url. I am really laid back and easy going. Hit me up sometime Peace<br><br>http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/arikaluvmusic.htm<br>
  1. Arikaluv

    Dc Entertainment

    Hello everyone, just a topic for discussion.... I'm an independent artist straight out of DC. I am an Soul artist, some hip hop some r&b, I find though in DC, there aren't many venues for new artists to showcase. Q. would you be more intrested in hearing an already well known artists that wasn't that good, Or would you be more intrested in an artist that is new, from your area, and better sounding or more compatiable with your listening pleasure? Why? or why not? What type of music would you like to hear more of or not hear more of?
  2. Arikaluv

    Six Flags Prize Winner

    Hello everyone, I have just joined this site, I hope to meet new and exciting individuals. I have a great topic for the group...All I need to know is how to post. Anyone feel free to teach me how. Have a great day everyone