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  1. Guitarist Jean Côté & the psychic who finds missing children of Child Search / Enfant Recherche Robert Lindblad on keyboards To have a listen click here: Jean Côté & Robert Lindblad
  2. To view or download free of charge the following documentary and news interviews click the link: Child Search The Save Our Souls, TV-Asahi investigative psychic documentary: To see the psychic who finds missing children of Child Search/Enfant Recherche Robert Lindblad pinpointing people on the planet within two seconds view the video clip taken from part of the Save Our Souls TV-Asahi psychic detective documentary. The J.E. en direct - TVA interview: French Canadas' top investigative journalist program J.E. en direct in a live interview taken the day after the corpse of a child was found floating in the body of water Robert Lindblad had stated to the parents of the child, whom had been missing for over a month, the day before the body was found before their was even a notion as to his whereabouts, what happened to him, and whether he was living or dead. The Scènes de Crime - TQS interview: An interview Robert Lindblad had with a weekly police documentary that reported on the goings on of police in Quebec. to view the videos or download them free of charge click the link Child Search
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