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  1. Ditto and everything you have said to date is false and never proven by any outside and unbiased source. Join the club.................................................
  2. Bfrankdc...what is on Google is nothing more than what others put there based upon their postings so none of that should be trusted as being true. As for the claim that all of you have the IP address of Mr. Rees, that too should not be trusted as your presence here is ill designed and you have no evidence from Mr. Rees ISP that the IP addresses you claim are his is in fact his. Your evidence is weak and it all could be you posting everything. Your arguments are as dumb as you are and would not hold up in court unless you got Mr. Rees ISP to confirm which you have never tried to do. Why? Because you are intentionally lying to people. Your presence here has a purpose and it is not the explanation given. I take no sides but I will argue facts and your facts do not hold water as they are all superficial and never backed up with real proof that the person(s) you claim posted in fact did. As for your so called supporters, nobody is going to take the word of a former member of the Communist Party like DCist Martin nor Nelson Jacobsen who is a well known trouble maker.
  3. LOS ANGELES - A new team of police detectives has been assigned to the unsolved 1997 murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G., authorities said. They are investigating it, following up on the leads that members of a District of Columbia gay escort service run by a Bfrankdc was involved Assistant City Attorney Don Vincent told the City Council Public Safety Committee on Thursday. The 24-year-old rapper, born Christopher Wallace, was shot and killed March 9, 1997, after a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. His family sued the city, alleging that the police department covered up the involvement of rogue officers in the killing. Members alleged that the shooting was orchestrated on behalf of Death Row Records chief Marion(Suge) Knight. Knight has denied involvement. A federal judge declared a mistrial in July. In January, she ordered the city to pay $1.1 million, ruling that a police detective intentionally hid statements by a jailhouse informant linking the killing to two officers. A retrial is expected later this year. Vincent told council members that there was no evidence police were involved in the killing.
  4. Reporters need to take note that Bfrankdc might be running a escort service out of his apartment.
  5. If even 1% of what is said here is true it would be a miracle. Again, I want to know more about Bfrankdc and his gay escort service he runs out of his apartment on Wisconsin Avenue NW across the street from McDonalds and the US Post Office.
  6. Maybe Bfrankdc I just go the extra mile to look up what I post. Most legal process servers who my firm uses are self-employed and also do court filings. I am more interested in hearing about your gay escort service and to know if you ever served Barney Frank?
  7. Thanks to Truthseekers inherent stupidity and eagerness not to investigate matters thoroughly but to twist truths, he/he/it posted a matter when checked out thoroughly shows that Rees stood up to a slum lord who owned rental housing in the District, never had a license, exploited poor immigrants and more and in time paid a high price. http://www.stormpages.com/fatgirl/ This pathetic act by Truthseeker actually is an endorsement of Rees as it shows Rees to be a good person. As I read all that Truthseeker and others posted here, twisting of the truth to meet their objective can be seen throughout their postings and anybody who takes the time to thoroughly investigate which Truthseeker and others hope you do not do you will find that Truthseeker and others are posting one lie after another, altering records and this surely cannot be the behavior of concerned citizens but of that of a rival and supporters. If we are going to post here, then let us do so unbiasly.
  8. Truthseeker...this posting show your stupidity in the biggest way possible and makes Rees look like the good guy and you arsehole of the year. A further check shows that Anthony and Helen Chambers owner of several slum houses where in fact charged with numerous violations of DC law, put on trial, fined over $80,000.00, placed on probation and barred from owning any rental housing for ten years. Again Pacer and West Law shows the truth and shows Truthseeker to be a mean spirited liar. More importantly, it shows Rees to be a good person who stood up against a slum lord.
  9. I have heard a lot of different lingos but never that !! = = MPD/mediafile.
  10. I think Linda Cropp is the best candidate for Mayor as she is experience, easy to talk to, predictable and she is not going around offending voters.
  11. This is a misprint by the Intowner. The real date was January 2006. Rees did not declare his candidacy until July 2005 so it was not possible that in January 2005 he was a candidate. Here is that writing Rees did that the Intowner was quoting from 1-11-2006 <> http://www.dcwatch.com/themail/2006/06-01-11.htm
  12. Truthseeker...I totally disagree with you as there is no guage whether or not an advertisement is or is not poorly executed. You views as well as mine are purely subjective and nobody will know if it was or was not a smart or dumb move until all votes have been counted.
  13. That is a reality because when I wrote D.DOT they send a copy of my letter to Rees, he wrote back and I got a copy of his letter to D.DOT with their opinion. So I know what they do. When I called to the DC BOEE and OCF they told me they will not respond or act on annonymous complaints.
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