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  1. The thing that is really scary JT Frank is that you have been stalking Rees so I hear from one chatroom to another, one blog to another and from one list server tio another. Does that sound normal to anyone that you are making it a full time job of stalking Rees all over DC? I am sure Rees can handle his own but the articles about him in the Washington Times and other papers, his meetings with other council members and his presence at high profile events isn't a sign of a campaign to dismiss. Yet, I think all of us here would like to know how you became Judge John Bayly's gay lover! Does Mrs. Bayly know that you were havin an extra-marital affair with her husband, that Judge Bayly for a while was paying your rent and actually bought that computer you now use to harass not just Rees but others. I am not employed by Rees but I am just one voter tired of reading your crap here on DC Pages and I wonder why you feel so compelled to harass him and subject all of us to it.
  2. Has Mr. Rees filed as a candidate for City Council? (I doubt that he's gathered the required number of signatures to file campaign papers.) If not, then none of his campaign signs are "permitted" -- they're all illegal. See District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR) Title 24. A summary of the law regarding campaign posters is at http://www.dcboee.org/information/info_can...5Ccam_post.shtm Let's see if we summarize Rees' so-called campaign: Illegal posters, lying about his non-activity on neighborhood listservs, the inability to remember his own campaign website while on the radio, a vague employment history. Very odd, very odd indeed. JT Frank has finally show us how ignorant he is. The reality is, each candidate must first file with the Board of Elections, then with the Office of Campaign Finance and then with the District Department of Transportation before they are allowed to post any pre-petition ad in a public space. All known candidates including Rees is listed has having done the foregoing. It is not until May 2006 that all candidates are handed their official petition ballots for the required signatures to get on the ballot. It is obvious that JT Frank likes to talk out of his ass and does not know what he is talking about. I am not a candidate but I am an attorney and I know the election laws inside and out. What JT is saying is that every candidate for mayor and council is currently breaking a law which is not true but JT is an ignorant bastard who is only here to harass. JT you would serve a better purpose if you would do a better job of investigating facts as you are doing a great job of showing everyone how much of a flaming ###### you are. Ha ha he he you dumb bastard.
  3. Mr. Studly -- Threatening to "shatter" somebody's jaw is a crime. You cannot deter people from speaking out about Jonathan Rees and the Ward 3 City Council race by threatening to hurt them. As for Mr. Rees, I believe that the emperor has no clothes. He's campaign is fictional, a scam, a figment of his imagination. Anyone can create a fake campaign using the Internet and a laser printer, and that's exactly what Mr. Rees' appears to have done. Where is this supposed "event" with Mayor Williams? Why doesn't Jonathan Rees speak at a community center? Where is Mr. Rees employed? Why have other listservs banned him? JT, If you think Mr. Rees does not exist and his campaign is a fraud then why not ask Jack Evans, Jim Graham or Vincent Gray if it is, if Mr. Rees did not attend public events with them and speak. As to where he works, I think the three newspaper articles about him pointed that out but obviously you are so hateful to him that you ignored that and other facts that everybody else read in black and white.
  4. Mr. Rees -- As a so-called candidate for Ward 3 City Council, it's probably not a good idea for you to make assumptions about or attack voters in Ward 3. Just my two cents worth of advice. It's interesting that you claim not to have been banned from the various neighborhood listservs (they're not chat rooms) including Tenleytown, Cleveland Park, Palisades, Glover Park, and Chevy Chase DC. It is my belief that you and your supporters (are they real people?) have been removed from these listservs for cause. Once again: There's nothing but silence from you on these listservs. Your campaign seems to be fashioned mostly of imagination. You're marred with children? Then why is there no picture of you and your family on your website -- virtually all politicians like to show off their family. Why couldn't you remember the URL to your own website when you appeared on the Linda Chavez show? Why is it when I read about the City Council race in the Washington Post and Northwest Current there's no mention of you? How about giving a speech somewhere in Ward 3? Let voters meet you and see you in person. You seem to exist only on the Internet and on flyers. Here we go again with loud mouth JT. I heard Mr. Rees on the Linda Chavez program and he in fact gave a correct website for his campaign and that is how I found it. Obviously JT, you are not here for any good reason but just to be a pain in the ass. Mr. Rees did speak at three events but of course JT doesn't want to admit it or was too busy at home harassing people on the internet that he failed to attend those events in Ward 3. Mr. Rees is not obligated to put on his website or literature pictures of his family so nut jobs like JT can harass them too. It sounds to me like JT's only goal is to harass and for no other reason. Anywbody who lives in Cleveland Park knows that Mr. Rees attended an event here with his wife, his posters are everywhere, his cards are hard not to trip over so I am wondering what is JT's real point to stalk Mr. Rees everywhere. This morning, Mr. Rees was seen on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown talking with Jack Evans and I believe he has an important event tonight where he will be seated beside Mayor Williams and other big shots but you won't see JT there as JT will be here online talking his crap as always why hasn't he heard Mr. Rees speak and that is because JT is at his computer 24/7 and not at events where he can hear Mr. Rees. JT there is no doubt in my mind that either you are a scared opponent of Mr. Rees or working for one as nobody who is half way normal would be doling what you are or you are in fact gay and have an attraction for Mr. Rees. Hit the road JT before I find out who you are and come over and shatter your jaw.
  5. Haven't you JT Frank been attacking Rees here under many assumed names so who are you to talk. You attacked Mr. Rees as he did not attack you. So you need to back off as you started all of this. I believe I have seen this alias before of JT Frank in another place and that was for this Dr. Melvin Blecher in Tenleytown who is known throughout DC to visit list servers and blogs and make it a habit of targeting political figures with vicious attacks. I believe we all should see who started taking up our time, that this is a hobby of Dr. Blecher A/k/a JT Franks and for a 70 year old man who has nothing better to do he needs to grow up so all of us can enjoy our time here and Dr. Blecher needs to move on. REES DID NOT ATTACK ANYONE HERE AND EVERYONE SHOULD SEE SUCH AND WHO IS THE TROUBLE MAKER!
  6. I am confused by JT Franks attacks on Mr. Rees. The Washington City Paper has written about him, so has the Washington Times, he has been on several talk radio shows, his name has been on the guest list of major events and I hear that Mayor Williams, Council Members Catania and Amrose and Rees will attend a Gala tomorrow night at the Washington Times to honor people in the healthcare industry but no other political figure, his literature is everywhere in ward 3 and this is JT Frank on drugs that he does not see what this Rees man is going and getting done or is he so bias that he is blind. JT please stop taking up our time with your hate for Rees as I am voting for him and you are making a fool of yourself attacking him.
  7. Prove that Rees is married. Your assertion isn't good enough. I think there are no public records, no documents -- nothing proving that Rees is married. And what's with Rees' silence on neighborhood email lists. Is he out of the race? According to the records at the DC Bureau of Vital Statistics, Rees has two children; a son named Jason born in 1981 and a daughter born in 1991, both at Sibley Hospital and his wife's former name is Mindy L. Silverman. Thus I believe that the claim Rees is married is true and all else said about his is bull and a delibearte confusing him with someone else of the same name. Anybody can check the same out.