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    Redskins Party's...

    If you are having a Redskins party, let these guys come and entertain your guests for a GREAT price. ($150 for the whole night) I had them over for a party my husband was having, and his buddies had a blast.... They have a website, www.str8beatz.com Thanks, -C
  2. avonlady

    Halloween Party Str8beatz.com

    Anybody interested in the hottest music, or just having a great party should check out str8beatz.com They have a great website, they posted pictures of my party the next day on their site. Their music ranges from African, Salsa, Hip-hop, R&B, Reggea, Country, Classic Rock... basically you name it, they play it. They are kinda new, so their prices are really CHEAP. I would reccomend them to anybody. -C
  3. avonlady

    Str8beatz! What They Did For Me.

    Str8beatz came and DJ'd my party this weekend. They were AWESOME!! The music was perfect, every song they played was something I needed to dance to. It was like every song that came on was "MY SONG!!" I would reccomend these guy to anyone, big or small party. They have a really nice website, and they have posted the pictures from my party already!! 1 day later.... amazing. (they were really affordable too!!) See my pictures at www.str8beatz.com Thanks Str8beatz!!! -C