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  1. Just returns from 'The Taboocast' DJ Tour in Japan.

  2. Please feel free to join us to pimp your recent DJ sets on The Taboocast (a monthly podcast originated in Bangkok, Thailand). Founded by Aou of Sound Sessions Massive, a Managing Director of Step Ahead Records from Washington, D.C. since the mid 90s. Aou held DJ Residency at various bars in D.C. from early 1994 to 2003 like Sesto Senso, State of The Union, Dragonfly, 18th Street Lounge where Red and Mantis as a Music Director. This debut podcast on The Taboocast is dedicated as Xmas gift for those who know (borrowed from Tony Humphries) especially focus on funky NuDisco-House and classic radio tunes re-edited. Available for preview and download at limited period only. http://hearthis.at/aou/xmas16/ Shares your talent to the world through 'The Taboocast' by submits to my email address on Dropbox with downloadable MP3, Wave Files and full list of Artists/Titles/Labels with your DJ names, latest photo/artwork on Jpg. file. e: aou722@gmail.com s: Aou722 line: Aou
  3. Podcast house tunes in BKK, The Taboocast.

  4. I've moved from D.C. to S.E. Asia since 2008 now trying to catch up with any changes or new spots to hang out. During my time back then was 18th Street Lounge, Local 16th, Bourbon, Perry, The Big Hunt. Noticed that Andalu, Science Club, Paradox are closed now.
  5. Aou

    Posers in Georgetown

    I remembered hang out with my ex-wife at Poseurs in GTown in mid 80s. It was a fun spot for music & the people. At the end they sometimes threw one off party at Fifth Column on Monday night and called it 'Poseurs Night'. But nothing was like the original joint in Georgetown.
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