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  1. The Kimberly Casey and Daryl Judy Team of Washington Fine Properties are proud to sponsor an Electronic Recycling Event on November 8, 2014 to benefit Ross Elementary. Properly managing your used electronics include responsible recycling for protection of the environment and your personal privacy. The event is to be help on Saturday, Nob 8th from 11:00-2:00 at Ross Elementary School located at 1730 R Street NW. It's very easy -- bring your outdated electronics, televisions, batteries, DVD players, radios, computers, stereos, fax machines, etc....to the drop off. A full list of what will be accepted can be found at www.potomacescrap.com/what-we-buy/. This is a free event with a few minor exceptions - $5 for hard drive destruction for security purposes and $20 for CRT TV's and Computer Monitors because of the hazardous materials in them that need to be properly disposed of. Potomac Escrap purchases electronics based on the value of the metals they contain and all of the money raised will go to Ross Elementary. CaseyJudy_Recycle3_Oct2014.pdf
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