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  1. A new Aikido Club has opened its doors in Falls Church VA! Our club meets Mondays and Wendsdays in the evenings from 9:00pm -- 11:00pm at 3409 Silver Maple Place, Falls Church VA. Lessons cost $5.00 per person per hour. Yoshinkan Aikido is a pre-war style of marital arts founded by Gozo Shioda, a student of Morihe Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. It utilizes joint-locks, throws and pins and is a direct descendent of Daitoryu Aikijutsu, a martial arts which was developed and taught within Samurai clans. Anyone can study Aikido, regardless of age, and it requires no prior physical training. A person who knows Aikido can be victorious, even if their opponent is physically much stronger and heavier than them. For more contact information, directions and other information concerning our club, join or like our Facebook group today at www.facebook.com/DCyoshinkan
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