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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/04/06/libby.ap/index.html It seems that even though the administration said they would investigate the source of the leak, they knew about it all the time.
  2. DRichards

    Has your web site lost its Google pagerank?

    Google used to be a relevant search engine before marketers started taking advantage of the algorithm to boost their standings. It's purpose is to list in order of relevance, sites that provide a user with the most relevant information regarding a search term- Not whichever business feels they should because they once were highly rated or paid money to take advantage of the algorithm. Google shouldn't have to explain to any company why they are ranked differently if the change was due to the evolution of the algorithm to make it a more efficient search engine. I'd rather have a search engine that returns relevant information for my search term, not the most optimized site. If your site is a relevant, informational, and popular site it should rank well. As far as Kinderstart.com goes, they are another search engine who knows enough not to risk their entire business on a Google ranking. It's most likely a marketing ploy for them. I'm sure they got more hits from this than any listing that they ever had. As a business owner I'm sure you want your money's worth so you don't want to face the fact that SEO changes everyday and it's a gamble. If you'd rather have a search engine that returns a ton of ads then boycott Google. If you want a user-friendly, relevant search engine, then you should be behind Google in its plan to give more relevant search results, not just "optimized" ones. I am an SEO professional and I tell all of my clients that the way to rank well is to have a great site, not just pay me to make a quick fix. Any reputable search engine algorithm will evolve toward ranking a relevant site higher. For the long term, it's in you best interest to have an SEO plan that includes giving users a content rich site, not one that exploits of parts of dynamic algorithms. In addition to having a rich site, you should make sure you optimize as well. That's just smart, but don't expect to get by with the usual SEO tactics alone. Kinderstart.com just had a ton of links, but no real content. They probably shouldn't rank well in any search engine.
  3. DRichards

    Washington Mystics Kids Battle Of The Bands!

    Sound like fun!