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  1. You must always save the life of a human being by giving food Human life is very important because human being alone can understand the spiritual knowledge and can become a devotee of God. Therefore, you must always save the life of a human being by giving food, cloth and shelter. You must always stop the starvation-death of a human being, be it theist or atheist. You must save the life of even an atheist because even the atheist may be converted into theist if the life is saved. After saving the life of the starving human being, you must concentrate on improving the amenities of poor people so that a peaceful life is very much essential to concentrate on God. The rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer in the present day. This will disturb the social balance and will lead to the human explosion in the society. When the balance of the society is disturbed, nivrutti (loving practical service to God) finds no place. Therefore, resist all the wastages that take place in the rituals. Do not burn the ghee in the name of performing ‘homa’. Ghee is most valuable food material. The actual ‘homa’ is to put ghee in the burning fire of hunger of a poor man. The fire of hunger is called as ‘Vaishvanara’ as said in the Gita. Similarly, don’t burn the oil in the name of ‘Deepaaraadhanam’ before the statue or photo of God. The purpose of the light is only to remove the darkness in the olden days. In the day time, the light is not necessary. Even in the night, when the light is present supplied from the electric bulb, the oil lamp is not necessary. You need not burn the perfumes also, when they are not required for you. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  2. Save money by stoping uncessary rituals to help poor In all the temples, churches, mosques and prayer halls of other religions, remember that only the inert representative models of God exist and all your services to such models are not received by God in any way except that they are meant to improve your devotion. Of course, all these places are necessary to develop your devotion to God. You can develop your devotion without wasting money in all these unnecessary ignorant practices. The same money can be spent to save the life of a hungry person and to improve the facilities of poor people so that they can have peaceful life and turn to God. God will be pleased by such activity and not by these foolish practices of blind tradition. As Buddha told, you must analyze every action before implementing it and you should not do it blindly based on tradition. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  3. You must not kill any living being for the sake of your food. The killing is the greatest sin You must not kill any living being for the sake of your food. God has given enough vegetable food that contains all the ingredients present in the non-vegetarian food. After all, the source of ingredients of any flesh is only vegetable kingdom only. Eating the non-vegetarian food is not a sin because same ingredients exist in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. But, you have to kill a living being for the sake of non-vegetarian food. The killing is the greatest sin. You may argue that you have not killed the living being directly. Such argument cannot stand. Since you are eating the non-vegetarian food, the living being is killed. You are responsible for its killing. Therefore, you are the principle shareholder of the sin. There is nothing wrong if you eat a living being after its natural death. In Hinduism, there is a sect of people called ‘Kapalikas’, who eat the dead living beings. Therefore, they do not acquire sin. The tsunami is always due to anger of God since you are killing the living beings present in water for food. The earthquakes are due to killing of living beings that exist on the earth. God in the form of Buddha and Mahavir preached the non-violence and severely opposed the killing of living beings. God in some other human forms might have followed the practice of non-vegetarian food in order to join with non-vegetarian people so that, certain other higher aspects to be preached might have been taken into consideration. That does not mean that God has encouraged the killing of living beings through non-vegetarian food. He might have kept silent on this issue in order to give importance to other serious issues. God follows the ignorance of the students in order to become friendly with them. To control a running bull, you have to run along with it for some distance before controlling it. All these are the basic concepts of nivrutti, which are the core of pravrutti. By following the ethics of pravrutti, you will avoid God becoming furious with you. Then, through nivrutti, you can please God. On one hand, you are making God furious by not following the ethics of pravrutti and how can you please God through nivrutti simultaneously? www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  4. Meaning of ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’ [Phani asked about the ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’ used in the message of Swami. Infinite means unimaginable. Then, how the infinite becomes imaginable?] Swami replied: If you say that the ocean is infinite, it only means that the boundary of the ocean is unimaginable and not the ocean. The ocean contains imaginable water. Therefore, this cosmic energy in which the manifested world exists is infinite, but, imaginable. The cosmic energy along with its manifested world is imaginable. The boundary of imaginable cosmic energy means that the imaginable cosmic energy stops there and its source, the unimaginable God, starts. When you say that some line is the boundary of the ocean, it means that the water stops there and the soil starts from there. Therefore, we say that the soil is beyond the ocean. Similarly, the unimaginable God is beyond this cosmic energy. The boundary of cosmic energy indicates the ending point of the imaginable cosmic energy and the starting point of unimaginable God. Therefore, that point becomes unimaginable. A joining point existing between two imaginable areas is imaginable. But, the joining point existing between imaginable entity and unimaginable entity is always unimaginable. The unimaginable nature of the boundary is due to the unimaginable God. When the imaginable point and the unimaginable point mix, the unimaginable nature prevails. When the wood and fire mix, fire prevails. Therefore, the word ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’ means that the cosmic energy, which is the core, is imaginable and its boundary, which is infinite, is unimaginable. The adjective ‘imaginable’ relates to the core cosmic energy. The adjective ‘infinite’ relates to its boundary. Hence, the word ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’. This cosmos is infinite. The cosmos means the inert cosmic energy along with its manifested matter. Both the cosmic energy and manifested matter are imaginable. The boundary of the cosmos is unimaginable and hence, becomes infinite because, the unimaginable God starts from the boundary of cosmos and therefore, God is said to be beyond cosmos.
  5. Awareness is not independent Awareness has a controller When the light rays fall on the object and get reflected, the image of the object falls on the retina of the eye and this image is transferred to the brain. The brain receives the image of the object. The process of receiving the image of the object by the brain is said to be awareness of the object. All the materials like rays of light, object, image of object, materials transferring the image like neurons, materials composing the brain, etc. are either inert matter or inert energy only. The process of transfer of the image to the brain is also inert work. Therefore, awareness is not different from the meaning of the word inert. Inert means that which is controlled by a controller. In the above explained system, the controller other than the above mentioned inert materials and inert work is not separately seen. If any of the above materials is absent, the work cannot take place. Therefore, the materials control the work. The work or awareness is controlled by the presence of correct materials. Hence, you cannot say that the work or awareness is the independent controller. Each material independently cannot be a controller. The combination of these materials alone generates the work. But, the phenomenon of combination does not exist separately apart from the materials. Even the process of thinking of the brain is a play of different combinations of the impressions received through the senses from the world. Hence, a shrewd analysis also cannot capture the existence of controller in this system.
  6. The controller of universe Science only speaks about ‘how the earth rotates’ and cannot speak about ‘why the earth rotates’. Due to inevitable necessity of a controller in this system, you have to accept the existence of the unimaginable controller. If the controller is like the human being made of imaginable inert materials and energies, again, the same problem is repeated. The controller should be beyond the above inert materials and inert work. Hence, the controller should be totally unimaginable. The will of such a controller should not be like the will of a human being, which is the inert work only controlled by inert materials. The will of God may resemble the will of the human being. But, the generation of that will in the absence of above inert materials is unimaginable. Since the process of generation is unimaginable, naturally, the generator is also unimaginable. Since the process of generation and the generator are unimaginable, such a will can have total independence. Qualitatively, the will of God and the will of human being may be similar. But, potentially, they differ from each other. The difference is lot and the similarity is very little. The nature of work may be same, but the potency differs. Krishna lifted a mountain. You may lift a small stone. The process of lifting is same. But, there is lot of potential difference. Hence, you cannot compare the will of a human being, which is controlled by inert materials, to the will of God, which is totally independent with unlimited potency. Krishna is like an ordinary human being only. But, the potency is unimaginable since, He showed the entire infinite cosmic energy in Him through the vision of ‘Vishwa Roopa’. By external qualitative similarity, you cannot say that Krishna is an ordinary human being or every ordinary human being is Krishna. Similarly, due to external similarity of nature of work, you cannot say the awareness of God and awareness of a human being are one and the same. You are considering only one similar point forgetting the rest ninety-nine different points. The imaginable awareness can never be unimaginable God.
  7. Recognition of Human Incarnation The recognition of human incarnation should be done by the qualities of the spiritual knowledge preached by Him. The Veda gives three adjectives to such divine spiritual knowledge. The first is ‘Truth’ (Satyam Jnanam), the second is ‘Infinite’ (Anantam Brahma) and the third is ‘Excellent’ (Prajnanam Brahma). The true, infinite and excellent knowledge indicates the Lord. The knowledge is true because the Lord need not tell lies to please the people. The human preachers tell lies to please the people and get some favor from them. The Lord has no such necessity. In fact, all the human beings are at the mercy of the Lord to get some favor from Him. Hence, the Lord will always speak the truth whether you like it or not. Generally, truth always causes disliking. The knowledge is infinite because the Lord will effectively clear the doubts of infinite number of devotees and hence, the knowledge becomes infinite. The true concept is always simple and brief. But, the doubts on it are many. Hence, the simple true knowledge becomes infinite, when it takes the form of clarifications given to several corners. The knowledge is excellent because the presentation of knowledge by the Lord is simply tremendous. The way of explanation of the concept is impossible to any other human being. Therefore, you have to recognize the Lord by such spiritual knowledge alone. Miracles should not be taken as signs of the Lord because even the demons blessed by the Lord exhibit such miracles. Of course, the miracles are only due to the power of the Lord only. But, the Lord grants such powers to the devotees. The only power that cannot be transferred to anybody is the true infinite and excellent spiritual knowledge. The devotees are always after the powers and not after such knowledge. Hence, you need not blame the Lord for not transferring such knowledge to a devotee. Therefore, the Lord keeps up this spiritual knowledge alone with Him as His inseparable sign. You can recognize the Lord through such inseparable sign. However, you should not mistake such knowledge as the Lord Himself or as the inherent characteristic of the Lord. The Veda stated the knowledge as the Lord since the possessor of an item can be called by that item. The possessor of apples is called as apples. The married lady wears yellow thread in her neck. You can always recognize the married lady through such inseparable yellow thread. But, the yellow thread is not the inherent characteristic of the married lady like her colour, beauty, etc. You can treat the yellow thread as almost the inherent characteristic, but, it is not really the inherent characteristic. Since God is unimaginable, His inherent characteristics must be also unimaginable. Therefore, the spiritual knowledge, which is mentioned as the sign of recognition of God, is only inseparable-imaginable characteristic but, not the unimaginable inherent characteristic. The knowledge is received and understood by you and hence, cannot be unimaginable. It can be inseparable because the Lord always keeps it with Himself without transfer since no devotee is serious about such transfer. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  8. What lies beyond the boundary of the infinite universe O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [February 5, 2011] The infinite cosmos [universe] itself is a proof of the existence of unimaginable God. ‘Infinite’ means that the boundary of the universe is everlasting. What is the secret of this everlasting boundary? Suppose, let us say that the ocean is infinite. It means that you may travel and travel for any extent of time, you will not reach the bank of the ocean. The bank of the ocean means the land, which is different from the ocean or its water. The land, which is beyond the water, is never achieved if the ocean is infinite. If the boundary of the ocean is achieved, it means the land, which is separate from water is seen. Similarly, if the boundary of the universe is achieved, it means that the unimaginable God, who is separate from the imaginable universe is achieved. But, the boundary of the universe is never achieved. This means that something, which is beyond the cosmos or the universe, can never be achieved. What can be beyond the universe? Only the cause or generator of the universe can be beyond the universe. From a huge lump of mud, you have created a small pot using some of the mud. Now, beyond the pot, the rest lot of mud, which is the cause of the pot, exists. If you are unable to cross the boundary of the pot, the cause of the pot, which is lump of mud, is never achieved. You can take this example to certain extent only. In this example, some part of the cause is modified into the pot and the rest of the part of the cause remains. But, in the concept [creation from God], no part of the cause is modified. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  9. The generator of the space does not have spatial dimensions The reason for the infinity of the cosmos. The fundamental unit of the cosmos is space, which is nothing but very subtle energy. The cause or the generator of the space must not contain the space in it. In the case of mud and pot also, the cause may be in the effect but the effect is not in the cause. The mud may be in the pot but the pot is not in the crude lump of mud. Therefore, in the concept [creation from God] also, the space cannot be in its generator. Before the creation of the space, space cannot exsit anywhere and even in its cause. If space exists in the cause, the space is already created before its creation. This is one impossible thing. The other impossible point is that if the space is in the cause, it means that space created space. Therefore, at any cost, space should not exist in its generator. It means that the generator of the space does not have spatial dimensions. The space means spatial dimensions only. Length, width and height are the spatial dimensions and the multiple product of these three is the volume or space. Your intelligence can never imagine anything, which does not have spatial dimensions. However much your intelligence may be sharp and however much your intelligence may take time, it cannot imagine anything, which does not have volume. Therefore, the generator of this space or cosmos is always unimaginable and exists beyond the cosmos. This is the reason for the everlasting space since its generator, which is the bank or boundary of this cosmos is never achieved by the intelligence. When intelligence itself fails, there is no possibility of the mind or senses to catch that unimaginable boundary of the cosmos, which is the unimaginable God Himself. Except this explanation, no other explanation gives satisfaction to expose the reason for the infinity of the cosmos. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  10. God is not in the cosmos because God does not have spatial dimensions God is not in the cosmos because God does not have spatial dimensions and He cannot exist in the cosmos, which has spatial dimensions. Even if you say that the unimaginable God exists in the cosmos, it is of no use, because such God is never detected even by the sharp intelligence. It is as good as saying that God is not in the cosmos. Therefore, the Veda says that nothing in this cosmos is God, because nothing contains God. If something contains God, you can say it as God. If a wire contains current, you can say such wire as current itself. Since no imaginable item contains unimaginable God, no imaginable item can be called as God (Neti neti… Veda). Even in the case of human incarnation that contains God, God is still undetectable even by intelligence, even though you call It as God. The Veda (Tvadevanupravishat…) and the Gita (Manusheem tanum…) speak about the special entry of God in human incarnation for the purpose of preaching the spiritual knowledge to human beings with exceptional specific talent in clarifying the doubts. Such special entry cannot be the logical entry of cause into effect during modification like mud in the pot. Such special entry is based on the desire of God and not on the logical principle of entry of worldly cause into wordly effect. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  11. Whether knowledge can be transferred from God? O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [February 6, 2011 Mr Anil from Mumbai asked that even the divine knowledge can be transferred to a devotee, if the devotee desires for it, just like the power to do a miracle is transferred to a desiring devotee.] Swami replied: It is said that knowledge is power. Knowledge is the best form of the power. Knowledge always does the greatest miracle of transforming a person in the wrong path to a devotee in the right path. Such transformation is the greatest among all the miracles, if you realize the real value of a miracle. When God transfers the power of knowledge or other forms of powers to do other types of miracles, the ability of balancing that power according to the situation and the capacity of the administration of the power in a proper talented way lies with God only. Even if God transfers the power of knowledge, the answer given by a devotee cannot be equal to the answer given by God. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  12. The intelligence of the God The talent of God is inherent to God only God has given the miraculous power to kill the demons to several angels and deities. But, when the case of Hiranyakashipu came up, no angel or deity could use the power with special talent to kill that demon except God. [Ex:] Hiranyakashipu achieved the boon of no death from any category of living and non living beings in the creation. It means that the demon can never be killed. He also asked that he should not be killed by living and non living items. He also asked that he should not be killed in day or night. He also got the grant of no death either inside or outside the house. He cannot be killed either on the earth or in the sky. All these conditions mean that nobody and nothing can kill him at anytime or at any place. The power to kill any demon is already vested in several deities. But, every deity kept silent since all the doors were closed. But, see the intelligence of the God! He opened all the doors. A new category was created because Narasimha was neither a lion nor a human being completely. The nails can be considered neither living nor non living. They grow like living but there is no pain when they are cut and this shows that they are non-living. The time of sunset is neither day nor night. The demon was placed on the laps of the Lord, which can be considered neither as ground nor as sky. The Lord sat in the door, which is neither inside nor outside the house. Thus, God has shown all the opening points for all the shut doors. Therefore, the talent of God is inherent to God only. Mere power is not sufficient. The talent is not an already existing item like the power, which can be transferred. Talent is a new special flash of intelligence that is generated in the new situation. The question in the form of doubt is always new that is created by the active brain of a devotee. Such questions should be answered with a new flash of talent generated that projects the existing knowledge in a new form of model. Such a new model only can perfectly pacify a doubt of an intellectual devotee. Therefore, handling of the power with a special talent as per the new situation is possible for God only. In the field of knowledge, the need of such special talent is required at every step. Therefore, God alone comes to preach the spiritual knowledge. The elaborate explanations of such answers, already given by God, can be done by the followers. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  13. God in human form alone can answer wonderfully Talented explanation for the unexpected situation is possible for the unimaginable God only. Buddhists provoked an elephant towards Shankara. Shankara ran away from the elephant. Buddhists asked that why should He run away if the elephant is myth or false. Shankara replied that He told that the entire creation is false and hence, the process of His running away is also false. Who can give such answer except God? In fact, Shankara can prove that the elephant is false. He can stand there itself and the elephant can just pass through Him without disturbing Him in anyway. He passed through the locked doors of the house of Mandana Mishra. But, if He does like that, He can prove that the creation is false for God since He is God by Himself. But, this cannot be applied to every human being. For a human being, the creation is true since the the human being itself is a part of false creation. For false human beings, the rest of the false creation is true. Therefore, the human being is false, its running is false and the elephant is false. His reply means all this. He answered the question from the point of a human being and not from the point of God. Therefore, such talented explanation for the unexpected situation is possible for the unimaginable God only. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  14. The real meaning of a Mantra Swami replied: Mantra constitutes to verbs, 1) mananaat and 2) trayate. The first verb means that your mind must be continuously attracted towards a statement or a poem or a song that makes you repeat it again and again without any trace of effort. The second verb means that such a statement or poem or song must be related to God and hence, it gives you perfect protection from all corners, everywhere and everytime. Therefore, the definition of Mantra is a statement or a poem or a song, which is related to God and attracts your mind spontaneously to make it repeat again and again without any trace of effort. Generally, your attraction to God makes you to be attracted by any statement or poem or song that is related to God. But, apart from the attraction to God, the beauty in the meaning and the beauty in the rhythm of the statement or poem or song make an additional attraction. If both these attractions are in climax, your attraction to God becomes full. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  15. What is a Gayatri mantra Generally, a song has highest attraction than a poem or a statement. The attraction increases gradually from statement to poem to song. Therefore, any song related to God that attracts your mind to the highest order and makes you repeat it again and again is called as Gayatri Mantra. Hence, it is said that Gayatri is the highest mantra. It means that the prayer of God in the form of a song is the highest attraction. But, people have misunderstood the actual sense and are thinking that a specific hymn related to God constructed in a specific meter called Gayatri is the highest. The hymn is not sung at all. It is simply recited. It is Gayatri because it is in the meter called Gayatri. But that is not the actual sense of Gayatri. Gayatri means any song related to God that attracts your mind. God told that He is always attracted by the song than prose and poetry (Vedaanaam saamavedosmi…). www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  16. Real meaning of Gayatri Prose is called as the Yajurveda. Poetry is called as the Rugveda. Song is called as the Saamaveda. The verbal meaning of Gayatri actually means the song that protects you (Gaayantam traayate). It can be any song since you may like some song and some other may like some other song. Both songs are Gayatri since both protect you due to the reason that they are related to God. If the song is related to the human beings or the subjects of the human beings or to nature, it cannot protect you since the song is related to creation but not related to the creator. However, if the song describing the creation hints the greatness of the creator directly or indirectly, it can also be Gayatri. But, the description of nature or the subjects of human beings need not hint the creator always to everybody. A row of white swans was flying below the blue sky. Several people gazed that scene with excitation resulting from the beauty of the scene. But, nobody thought about the creator through that scene. Only Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was excited by that scene and became unconscious thinking about the creator of the scene. Therefore, any song related to even worldly affairs can become Gayatri Mantra, if you can apply that song directly or indirectly to the God. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  17. Even a cinema song directed to God is Gayatri Mantra How to select a Mantra You may sing a cinema song linking it to God in your heart. In such case, that cinema song will bring the grace of God to you and protect you. Others may think that you are attracted to the world by that cinema song. Therefore, your inner intention is going to decide everything. Even if you sing a song related to God to fulfill some worldly desire, it is not Gayatri Mantra. People may misunderstand that you are a devotee of God by hearing such divine song from your mouth. Neither you are a devotee nor is that divine song Gayatri Mantra. You may sing a cinema song of worldly meaning, but if you have directed it to God from your heart, you are a devotee and your song is Gayatri Mantra, even though people misunderstand you as a worldly person. Therefore, the public is not standard. Your intention in your heart is the standard reference for anything. A mantra should be selected by the devotee himself or herself from the existing mantras or the devotee can convert even a non-mantra (worldly song) into mantra through the intention diverted to God. The guru is like a seller of vegetables keeping all varieties of vegetables before him and the devotee is like the customer, who visits the shop of vegetables and selects the desired vegetables. A devotee can also create his own mantra if he is a poet. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  18. The inner meaning of shri chakra The Veda clearly says that you can achieve God only through sacrifice of money People worship the yantras, which are the metallic plates containing the flow-sheet diagrams of certain important spiritual concepts preserved by the ancestors. Such diagrams on the metallic plates are not meant for worship. The real concepts should be understood with the help of a real spiritual preacher. Some letters (Bijaaksharas) used in such diagrams represent certain items like the letters a, b, c…x, y, z etc. used in the flow-sheet diagrams of science and engineering. I cannot imagine the climax of ignorance of these people, who worship such flow-sheet diagrams without understanding the underlying concepts! Shri Chakra is very important flow-sheet diagram. The word ‘Shri’ stands for the wealth, which is the central point of this picture. It is true that the entire world is rotating around the money and wealth, which is the most wonderful item of the creation of God. This item is so important since the real love or devotion can be proven with the help of it only. The Veda clearly says that you can achieve God only through sacrifice of money (Dhanena Tyagenaikena…). The word money (Dhana) is specifically mentioned by the Veda because the conversion of money into any other form of wealth is easy and any basic need can be immediately met with money. Even the Gita gave the highest importance to the sacrifice of fruit of work, which is money or wealth only. The Gita says that everything ends with the sacrifice of fruit of work (Thyagat Shantiranantaram...). The word ‘Shanti’ in the verse denotes the final full stop. Krishna, the Lord in human form, attacked this fundamental point only at the outset in His childhood itself. Gopikas sold milk, curd and butter in the nearby city for their livelihood. Krishna started stealing these items, which are their money or wealth. This money was not even their excess wealth. It was just their basic need of their lives. Therefore, this test is the same as the test of Shaktuprastha. Some Gopikas won in the test and were blessed to reach the highest plane called as Goloka. Several Gopikas failed in this test and quarreled with the mother of the Lord. This means that even several sages failed because Gopikas were sages only. Sages are highest learned of all the human beings. Several sages failed in this test of wealth, not to speak of ordinary human beings. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  19. God in human form-Money and you ,Shri Chakra The strongest bonds and God The Shri Chakra contains the central point, which stands for Shri, which means money or wealth. It contains three upward triangles and three downward triangles interlocked with each other giving rise to several external and internal small triangles. The upward triangles stand for justified selfishness and the downward triangles stand for unjust excessive selfishness. A triangle indicates a triangular fight between three entities. The first entity is yourself. The second entity is the other human being bonded to you. The third entity is the God in human form. The three triangles stand for the three strong bonds or eshanas. Your bond with yourself, your wife and your child are the three strongest bonds. Dhareshana is the strongest bond with your wife. Putreshana is the strongest bond with your child. The third bond is with the money leaving the above two bonds (Dhaneshana), which naturally means yourself. If you store money without using for any other human being, it means that you are storing it for yourself only. The upward triangles indicate the justified bare needs in these three bonds. The downward triangles indicate the unjust lavish needs in these three bonds. The other small triangles indicate the bonds with the other relatives resulting from these three bonds. The parents result from the bond with yourself. The parents-in-law result from your wife or husband. The daughter-in-law and son-in-law result from your issues. Like this, other relatives stand in the small triangles. In every triangle, you stand in one corner, God in human form stands in the other corner and some human being bonded with you stands in the third corner. The central point, which is Shri, rotates between the three corners. The downward triangles denote the competition of God with other human bonds for the sake of excess of wealth. The upward triangles denote the competition of God with other human bonds even for the minimum needed wealth. The essential meaning of the entire Shri Chakra is only the competition of God in human form like Krishna with the other human bonds to test Gopikas for the wealth required for the basic and extra needs. Therefore, Shri Chakra denotes the play of Lord Krishna with Gopikas and other human beings for the sake of the central point, which is the butter or money or wealth. Therefore, Shri Chakra indicates the concept of salvation of sages granted by the Lord after the test related to money or wealth. What is the use of the daily worship of Shri Chakra without understanding its basic message? The first criterion of the knowledge should be truth as said in the Veda (Satyam Jnanam…). But, truth is always inconvenient to anybody. What I say is that, you accept the true knowledge in theory at least now so that either sometime in this birth or in some future birth, you can implement the true knowledge in practice and reach the goal. If you accept the false knowledge and implement it even now itself, there will be no use of it since you will go away from the goal by false knowledge at anytime. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  20. Theory-Inspiration-Practice O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [February 13, 2011] People think that Philosophy is totally theoretical subject. This is a total misunderstanding because Philosophy is totally a practical subject. Engineering, medicine etc., involve both theory and practical, whereas history etc., involve only theory. Practice alone yields the fruit. Of course, theory is the mother of the practice. Theory is transformed into practice. Therefore, theory is the cause and practice is the effect. In between theory and practice, the power of transformation or inspiration is the devotion. Therefore, theory or knowledge (Jnana Yoga) is transformed into practice or service (Karma Yoga) with the help of the emotion or inspiration or the force of transformation (Bhakthi Yoga). In general, theory is called as Jnana and if it is related to God, it is called as Jnana Yoga. Similarly, the inspiration in general is called as Bhakthi and if it is related to God, it is Bhakthi Yoga. Service in general is Karma and if it is related to God, it is called as Karma Yoga. Jnana is like water, Bhakti is like fertilizer and Karma is like the plant that alone yields the fruit with the help of water and fertilizer. The word Yoga denotes the special fortune in achieving God in human form. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  21. Special fortune in achieving God in human form is Yoga. Achievement of God in human form alone can make your service real God in the form of a photo or statue can be easily achieved in any shop and that cannot be even fortune, not to speak as special fortune. The reason for this difference is that the service done to statue or photo cannot be real and the sacrifice in such service is totally false. If you offer food to the statue or photo, it does not eat even a trace of the food. You offer it and take it back as remains of offering (Prasada). But here, the total food [is] remained and nothing is eaten by the statue. Therefore, you cannot call it as remains after offering. Hence, achievement of God in human form alone can make your service real and the sacrifice in such service alone can become true. Of course, this does not mean that offering food to statue or photo of God is wrong. Such offer can develop the theoretical devotion in you, which is the mother of real service in the future. People should not die with theoretical devotion only till the end of their lives. They should understand the significance of the photo or statue, which is always in the human form. People are remaining in such theoretical devotion only throughout their lives because they fear for the real service. Such people always dislike the concept of contemporary human incarnation. The theoretical devotion is always convenient, which hides their real practical sacrifice, greediness and selfishness. Hence, even if they accept the concept of human incarnation, they will always stick to the photos and statues of past human incarnations only. Such people misinterpret the spiritual knowledge to suit to their convenience. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  22. Contemporary human incarnation Vs family A devotee prepared a cup of sweet to offer to the alive human form of God. Another devotee also prepared a cup of sweet for himself and his family. The second devotee did not have either the idea of contemporary human incarnation or was unable to recognize the contemporary human incarnation. In any case, the cup of the sweet remains protected in the fridge. After sometime, the second devotee was able to accept the idea of living human form of God and was able to recognize it. The second devotee need not feel for the time lost. Even now, he can offer the cup of sweet to the alive human form of God and he becomes equal to the first devotee, who prepared the same sweet for the contemporary human form of God. The fruit of the work is another form of the work. Sacrifice of the fruit becomes equal to sacrifice of the work because even in the latter case, finally the fruit is only sacrificed. Therefore, the Gita stressed on the sacrifice of the fruit of the work (Karma Phala Tyaga) as the essence of the entire effort (Sadhana). It is the remedial measure for the people, who did not work for God in their lives due to lack of recognition. Nothing is lost if they can sacrifice the fruit of their past work since the fruit is another form of the work only. The misinterpretation here created by greedy, selfish, intellectual devotees is that if the attachment of the fruit is sacrificed; it becomes equal to sacrifice of the fruit. So, you have sacrificed your attachment to the cup of sweet prepared by you and you say that such sacrifice is the same sacrifice of the cup of the sweet. As long as the cup of the sweet is in your fridge, your attachment to it is not at all sacrificed. The proof for the sacrifice of your attachment to the cup of sweet is only your sacrifice of the cup of the sweet from the fridge. As long as the cup of the sweet is not eaten by the alive human form of God, the sacrifice is totally false. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  23. God must always stand in the first position before anybody including yourself Samnyasa means the practical sacrifice of your possessions Working for God and sacrifice of fruit of work to God is Yoga Samnyasa means cutting the desire towards the cup of the sweet ( your possessions especially money). Yoga or fully called as ‘Karma Yoga’ means practical sacrifice of the cup of sweet to the human form of God and not to the statue or photo. Therefore, Samnyasa and Yoga are one and the same (Yam Samnyasamiti Prahuh Yogantam… Gita). Samnyasa means the practical sacrifice of your sweet and Yoga means the practical offering of the same sweet to God in human form. Therefore, Samnyasa and Yoga are practically one and the same involving single practical action only. Gita says that sacrifice of work or fruit of work (Samnyasa) is horrible if the receiver, God, is absent. You cannot remain without any work. if the fruit is offered to yourself or your family only leaving God you are not protected and therefore, the result becomes horrible (Duhkhamaaptumayogatah...). Therefore, remaining without any work or storing the fruit without any sacrifice is not Samnyasa. Working for God and sacrifice of fruit of work to God is Yoga, which naturally means Samnyasa, which means working for the worldly people or sacrificing the fruit of work to the worldly people including yourself. Does this mean that you have to work for God only or that you have to sacrifice all the fruit to God only? The answer is both ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. The answer is ‘No’ because you have to maintain yourself and your family to serve God especially when your family is also devoted to God. The bare needs to maintain the life are not selfish and this is told in the Gita also (Sharirayatraapichate…). This is the normal condition of the spiritual aspirant. The answer becomes ‘Yes’ in the special situation when you are tested by God. Saktuprastha offered even the food needed for the minimum life also to God during the test. God must always stand in the first position before anybody including yourself. That alone is the real and highest devotion that really pleases God. This point should be proved in the practical test only, which must involve the human form of God only, and not the statue or photo that represents God. www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  24. Why there are lot of theists and lesser atheists O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, [February 16, 2011] In spite of hectic efforts of atheists, the devotion of devotees did not decrease even by a trace from the beginning of this creation. The percentage of devotees also did not decrease and the very little percentage of atheists also did not increase even by a trace. Do you think that the reason for this standard devotion is the reality of devotion to God? No no. The real reason for this is the unimaginable power of the link between devotion and the materialistic benefits. People believe that due to the devotion, the worldly life is protected and benefited. This faith is the life of the devotion. God as the protector of worldly life and as the donor of materialistic boons is loved by all. Some people love God so that they will be blessed by God to become God. The real love to God without expecting anything in return is totally absent. There are some people who love God without any aspiration in return, but the reason for such selfless love is that God will be pleased by such love so that they will become God as a result of such pleasure of God! www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  25. One can become equal to God only in this aspect You become equal to God in this state of enjoyment (Enjoying both +ve and –ve things in life) and this is the only possible monism (advaita). You are in the state of maintained creation and you are enjoying the creation like God (if you enjoy both good and bad in the life). You are not in the state before creation, in which you cannot be equal to God since He is creating everything and you cannot create anything. You are not in the state of final dissolution of the world in which He is destroying everything and you cannot destroy anything. You are in the best state of maintenance of creation in which you cannot be differentiated from God since you are enjoying the creation like God. There is no trace of difference as long as the aspect of enjoyment of the world-cinema containing both scenes of happiness and tragedy is concerned. Even the extreme tragedy, the death, is not an exception to such entertainment (sthitvaasyaamantakalepi …). www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
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