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  2. What does the job entail?
  3. I get over 100 spam email messages daily and its growing. I want to see if this is normal with everyone.
  4. Starting May 19, spam that contains sexually graphic material must include the warning: “SEXUALLY EXPLICIT” in the subject line, or senders could face federal charges and fines. Congress passed the Can-Spam Act in 2003. It attempts to reduce the barrage of spam clogging consumers' computers. As part of the law, Congress directed the FTC to adopt a rule requiring a mark or notice to be included with explicitly sexual spam to make it easier to filter. The subject-line notice is also supposed to be shown in the actual message. This “brown-paper wrapper” is what consumers will first see when they open a message that contains sexually oriented material. This initial presentation will include the prescribed notice, other FTC-required information and nothing else. The rule also requires disclosure of the sender's valid physical postal address. The disclosure must be clear and conspicuous. For more information about the act and the rule, go to www.ftc.gov
  5. What is you web site so I can find out more info?
  6. There is a nice shop and chinese food shop on the main drag. I can't remember the name.
  7. PartyGirl

    Booking A Show

    Chris are you from Greece? I noticed that you have some images broken on your bio page. What is the web site address where I can get directions and other info?
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