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  1. I just saw the film Games People Play: New York. In the wake of Janet's boob and the whole "Reality Television" craze, this film could not have come out at a better time. Every week we are subjected to a number of reality shows that offer us glimpse into the lives of people we've never met in person, but by the end of the season, we know what they eat, how they dress and even how they kiss. The only problem is that what we watch is cropped and watered-down so it won't offend the adults and or corrupt the kiddies. Reality is life and life never gets to be edited and restricted. Games People Play: New York is an unrated look into the uninhibited world of reality games where anything goes...including cursing and full frontal nudity. This film shows us exactly how far 6 actors are willing to go in order to be famous and win a cash prize...with a great twist. Check this one out of you really want to see the ultimate reality game. I think it opens in D.C. next weekend.
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