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  1. I am trying to find out some information about the history of the Woodley Mansion which is located in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington DC. It is located at 3000 Catherdral Ave. I don't know much about history of the building. I do know that the building is now used as the Maret School. I am trying to find out information about the usage of the building before it became a private school. That would be pre- 1950. Any help you could provide me would be great. Thank you Stephen Hosmer
  2. I know this might be old but I thought that I would try it anyhow. I am trying to get some information about the rededication of the logan circle park which occured back in May. This is just for plainly knowledge and nothing else. I missed the dedication and I am just getting around to, asking for it. Where on the internet might I find the information about the event which occured. Such as what occurred and who said what at the dedication. Thank you Stephen Hosmer
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