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  1. There will be a great concert taking place May 1st in DC with the famous Irish tenor Ronan Tynan. He's a phenomenal singer! I've been listening to cd and was blown away by the strength of his vocals! Not to mention he has an inspirational story to tell. He'll be performing at the Lisner Auditorium. Please take some time to read his story and listen to his music. www.RonanTynan.net Hope you like! Briana
  2. I'm interested in putting together a small home gym that I can get a good work out. Has anyone found equipment that they just love? I have a treadmill already. What makes a good home gym? Wasn't sure if those bowflex machines really are good to have or should I go more for free weights? Briana
  3. I really enjoyed the movie! I'm a huge fan of Night's films. I think people are alwys looking for the scary flicks and totally miss the whole point of his movies. Everything in Night's films are thought provoking. There is a reason for everything! He totally reminds me of Hitchcock in the way he pays attention to the smallest details. I think the Village is a great movie. It really takes a good look at the whole Utopian society concept. Loved the usage of colors in the film and the camera placement.
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