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  1. Well my what an interesting and false post that Kenny Lessing made about me. I AM Marilyn and I guess that you have made others upset with you and now want to try and accuse me of something. Well that is not going to work. However I have done business with Mr Lessing and I never will again! I had problem after problem with the scripts I bought from him right from the get go and had been in touch with him many times about it. I recently purchased another script from someone else that has one of the exact same scripts I bought from him and guess what? No problems with the script whatsoever and I have been doing this type of business for quite some time and load many different scripts on a regular basis, so I know what I am doing. That was just another one of his excuses why they did not work...he tried to put it off on me doing something wrong. Oh and just another tidbit...Mr Lessing just called my home at 10:45pm tonight and when I answered he cursed me out and then hung up! He is a "real" professional! NOT! I am putting this in public right here and now to warn you Mr Lessing that if you call my home EVER again and talk crap to me I will file harassment charges on you so fast you will not know what hit you! I have your phone # and time you called on my caller ID so I have the proof. Leave me alone because I have NOT had anything to do with you and do NOT want to ever again. Oh yeah, and by the way...I have not spoke to PayPal so that is another lie, and NO ONE has come to me about any script except my customers that I have done business with and are very happy with my design work. Another lie! Leave me alone, and maybe you should stop ticking so many people off then you would not have to go around accusing people of things.
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