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  1. Unravel the mysteries of your dreams. Submit your dream for a FREE DREAM interpretation. Each week, a select number of dreams will be chosen for a FREE interpretation. Each week, only a select number of dreams will be chosen for interpretation. Please provide a detailed description of your dream- this will not only increase your chances at having your dream selected, but will also give you a more accurate interpreation. (Submissions less than 25 words will not be answered). If your dream is selected, we will post the interpretation here on the website so that others can also find meaning in their own similar dreams. Submit your Dream for a FREE Interpretation A Friendly Information from Universal Psychic Guild www.psychicguild.com FREE Psychic Reading
  2. To love or not to love…Have you ever wondered what unconditional love means? Does it really exist? Or is it just one of those words which you read in romance novels or self help books. Perhaps it’s purely a myth. To be loved is one of the greatest gifts of life and to love is an even greater gift. It’s sweeter to have loved than not to have loved at all, but often when we have been emotionally hurt in past relationships we are hesitant to open our hearts again in fear of being hurt again. Living in the present. There is a lot to be said of living in the present. Think about this well-known saying, “the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.” It’s true isn’t it? If we relate our experiences to what happened to us in the past then our heart is not available to be open for new and exciting opportunities. If our consciousness is in the past or in the future wishing that we had something else or something different to what we have now then we may very well be missing out on the greatest gift of life, which could be right under our nose. You see it takes courage to live the life we have here and now. Angelic essence. An angelic essence is unconditional love in its truest form, which overcomes the hardest of battles. Sometimes our hardest times are our greatest blessings, we can not always see this when we are in the midst of chaos but as time goes on and we look back we can be grateful for what has happened. This is what I call an angelic essence of unconditional love. It is something that is learnt over time and takes an open heart and wisdom to give and receive. Unconditional Love. True unconditional love; is not seeing events, situations or people as good or bad. It’s our perception that colors our existence and how we feel about our life and the people who share our life. It’s good, it’s bad, we love them, and we hate them. What’s good for us may be bad for someone else? And what we perceived as being a sad time years ago may now be our greatest blessing. The challenge in life is to see the blessing straight-away and not wait years to see the beauty of our experiences, which make our life such a beautiful journey. Gratitude. To see the blessings in life is to be grateful for everything small and large that happens to us. To have gratitude for the people, events and situations in our life will help to lift our spirits, stay positive and more in control of our lives. This helps us to achieve our dreams, hopes and wishes in life while being more positive and productive. To have an attitude of gratitude can be the best thing you can ever do for yourself. Article Source: click here A friendly Information from Universal Psychic Guild www.psychicguild.com
  3. feel free to visit: Psychic Reading to learn more about religion/spirituality and even discuss more about your life of love.
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