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  1. Very interesting indeed. While the ABA claims that this proposal was not accepted, any prudent person can only assume a similar campaign agenda will be launched. Roy Blunt represents an area of well entrenched members of the relegious far right having the National Headquarters of the Assemblies of God located in Springfield, Mo. Together they form a political machine that rarely squeeks so long as his followers can afford their beer tabs at the Pink Cadilac, a local strip joint. Occupy Springfield Missouri (OSM) is not affiliated with the Democratic Party. While many Democrats are participating in OSM, the group has active Tea Party members as well. OSM has made a point of keeping the organization from identifying with any established political party in the area. There is a common goal, mission and bond between these two parties which has also allowed centralists to embrace the group. Announcing any smear campaign against OWS is not surprising to the OSM group a such is simply a standard operating proceedure in local politics. There is a solidarity against corrupt banking institutions, modes of operations includimg fraudulent foreclosures and the difficulty for small businesses to obtain funds. I think it is also obvious to all the members of OSM that the ABA calls many of the shots for our representatives who have abandoned citizens in favor of congressional individualism. Many of us wonder how in the world Roy Blunt could have become so wealthy on his salary. The ABA should plan on spending more like 8.5 million dollars, not $850,000, it's going to be a tough nut to crack in these hills!
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