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    NAET Treatment

    Has anyone tried or heard about anyone who tried the NAET treatment method? What do you guys think? I was a bit skeptical at first, when I heard about the NAET autism treatments, until I heard that over 10,000 practitioners had elected to train under Dr. Nambudripad to learn her NAET techniques. It is a therapy and insight that is growing quietly in the medical community, and will continue to gain traction in the mainstream. Spread the word about NAET: http://"use actual web address"/xtSx8h
  2. card51short

    Occupy Wall Street Protest

    Occupy Wall Street is long overdue. The big banks think they own everything, and it’s up to us to show them who has control of our money. Bank Transfer Day is on Saturday and everyone is encouraged to move their money from a big bank to a credit union. learnmore.asmarterchoice.org has videos showing just how the 1% views the 99%. Also, great info on credit unions, if you’re thinking of making the switch, even if not on Saturday.
  3. card51short

    Steve Jobs...A legend had died

    It seems unreal. He was only 56. I hate cancer. I’m submitting my thoughts and pictures to the Steve Jobs living memorial wall via remembersteve@pixt.com. Title is subject line, add the photo as attachment, and body is where you say what’s on your mind. www.pixt.com/remembersteve