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  1. Besidesthe innumerable allopathic pills available in the market to help quitsmoking, herbal Quit smoking pill is an upcoming alternative. These herbal chewable pills are nowavailable in India also. Herbalpills are nicotine free and herbal formulated to quit smoking. Thetablets contain ayurvedic herbs like yastimadhu, khadir, lavang,brahmi, shakapusphi, amlaki, ela and tulsi each in standardizedpotential quantities. Thesepills aim to suppress the craving for tobacco though an ingredientcalled eugenol which is present in lavang or clove. Eugenol convertsnicotine into cotinine after metabolism. Cotinine is excreted throughurine and thus the level of nicotine decreases in the body. Theingredient Amla contains anti-oxidants such as tannoid and vitamin Cwhich help anti-aging. The ingredients like brahmi and shakapusphimodulate brain activities. Yastimadhu regulate the norepinephrine anddopamine levels in the brain. Thus the pills help in dealing withdepression. They also help to maintain oral health. The pills inhibitthe growth of anaerobic peridontal oral pathogens and provide freshbreath. They also strengthen the gums. The pills soothe the throatand decrease the intensity of cough caused due to smoking. Theingredient Amla exerts antitussive activity and decrease coughing. Thesepills can be taken whenever the smoker craves for nicotine and faceswithdrawal symptoms. A maximum of six tablets can be consumed eachday. They are taken 15 to 20 days before quitting smoking. Made fromherbal extracts these pills are not known to have any side effects.Usage of these pills combined with a determination to quit smokingcan help to turn down cigarettes.
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